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Canh Khac
Last updated: 13 Mar 2024

Beat Now is a free application developed based on the need to completely remove ads from watching videos on Youtube.
Beat Now can be considered a perfect combination between Youtube and music player when possessing many integrated features. Beat Now is user-friendly and easy to use.
Beat Now features:
– Block all ads, remove all ads Youtube
There will not be any advertisements appearing to interfere with your viewing/listening to music
– Listen to music when screen off
This feature helps you to perform multiple actions at the same time: listening to music/radio on Youtube while surfing the web
– Speed adjustment
Increase or decrease the speed of playing videos, songs
– Adjust video quality
Adjust the video quality to match the speed of your 4G/wifi network
– Setting timer to automatically turn off
Like other music apps, Beat Now can adjust activity time, timer to turn off music automatically according to the time you set.
– Dark and light mode
Customize the mode to your liking. Especially dark mode saves phone battery
– Recommend trending videos
Not just searching for videos, Beat Now recommends you the popular videos both in Vietnam and international
– Recommend songs
Songs suggestions are based on your listening history and searches
– Display lyrics in the video
Integrate lyrics in music videos
– Categories and genres help users easily choose their favorite music genre
Users can easily choose the topic and genre of video, song you want to listen to
– Create personal playlist
Features help users create a playlist, video playlist as desired
– Play in loop and random a video playlist
Rotate play loop over a video list and random the video in a playlist
– Arrangement and manage playlist
Create name, add or remove videos, arrange according to personal preferences


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