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Last updated: 15 Nov 2023

**Create Amazing Talking Videos with VEED.IO **

Welcome to VEED Captions App, the revolutionary app where AI helps you make videos! No more boring content! With AI captions, animations that pop, and accurate translations, VEED has you covered. We use the latest AI technology to make your content edits quick and simple!

**Captions that Speak To Your Audience**
VEED.IO’s powerful AI makes adding subtitles a breeze. As you speak, Whisper translate your speech-to-text and generates captions that sync perfectly with when you speak. Your message will now reach more hearts, no matter the language they speak!

**Subtitles for Everyone – Connect Globally:**
Say goodbye to language barriers! VEED.IO’s AI can translate subtitles into every language. Your videos will resonate with viewers worldwide. Let your content be a universal experience!

**Make Videos Effortlessly – Unleash Your Creativity:**
Calling all video creators and enthusiasts! VEED.IO is your playground to craft unforgettable videos. We’re building many important features for all content creators out there: Record (soon with a teleprompter), edit, trim, and perfect your videos with ease. No more complicated steps, just talk and create videos!

**Easy-to-Use App – Explore Endless Possibilities:**
Our app is incredibly easy to use. It’s simple and it’s available for free.
Experience the future of video editing with VEED.IO. Import your files effortlessly and customize your videos in real-time. It’s simple and fun to use!

**AI Magic – Technology Meets Creativity:**
Soon we’ll integrate VEED.IO unique AI features in our app. Such as Magic Cut, which select the interesting parts of your content. Or eye contact, which helps you keep engaged with your viewers. Let AI do the boring work, while you focus on your creativity!

**Share your videos with the world**

Easily share your videos with your audience, or save them to your camera roll.
You can share right to YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Snap, Mail, Messages, and more.

**VEED.IO: Empowering Content Creators:**
We believe in the power of content to inspire and entertain. VEED.IO is designed to fuel your passion for video making. Unleash your creativity with us!

**Ready to Tell Your Story? Download VEED.IO Today and Add Amazing Captions to Your Videos**

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