ChatX – AI Chat Client

ZiLi Huang
Last updated: 20 Dec 2023

ChatX is a powerful AI chat client powered by the most advanced GPT-3.5 and 4.0 model. With our high-speed API servers, you can use AI to generate any content anytime, anywhere, to boost your work and life efficiency.

【Key Features】

– Words Mode: Spend only for what you use, never waste a word
– Prompt Collections: Easily start every conversation, advanced prompts available
– Quick-switch New Conversations: Flexibly control context lines
– Quick Phrases: Boost your dialogues with a single click to send
– High-speed API servers: Experience ultimate speed, boundless access, and customization support
– API Key Mode: Check your monthly usage
– Token Calculator: Real-time financial calculations, know your consumption details
– Image Generation: Official Beta interface for creating images with text

【Chat Experience Enhanced】

– AI Parameters: Model, creative temperature, dialogue memory, conversation length
– TTS Auto Speech: Auto language detection, speed of reading settings
– Chat Control: Pause and resume generation
– Chat Management: Icon settings, pinning, order adjustment
– Message Enhancement: Select text, resend, rewrite, share
– Casual Chatting: Start a conversation anytime, anywhere
– Others: Haptic feedback, chat font size

【Advanced Features】

– iCloud Multi-device Auto Sync: Sync your chat lists and settings
– macOS & iPad Keyboard Support: Use shortcut keys to send messages
– Lock Screen Widgets: Quick lock screen launch
– URL Schemes: Call shortcut commands

Encourage us with five stars, More powerful features will be developed.

Also, feedback are welcome to tell us on Twitter:@AppChatX / [email protected]


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15 MB


Productivity, Utilities


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– New: Support search chat history with shortcut CMD+F
– New: URL Scheme can now send message
– Fix: iCloud crash bug

– New: Support Azure API
– New: Intelligent generation of chat titles
– New: Custom App Icon
– New: Set config with URL Scheme
– New: Auto Keyboard Pop-up
– New: Customized shortcut send key
– Improve: New UI to switch Words Mode and API Mode
– Improve: Overall performance and speed improvement
– Fix: Bug that crashes on some devices and 403 error

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