Ninja Cat – Idle Arena

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Last updated: 14 Dec 2023

Looking for an exciting and fun RPG game to play? Your search is over, Ninja Cat, the action-packed adventure game that has it all!

Ninja Cat – Idle Arena is an Idle RPG that combines elements of arena battles and online idle RPG games. It boasts an excellent item system, with hundreds of equipment, mounts, and weapons available at different levels.

With its special chest-opening system and idle clicker gameplay, you can continuously acquire better equipment and improve your character’s attack power, health points, recovery, and speed. This makes your adventure in the game much easier.

【Game Features】
1. Special Chest-opening System. The character level, coins, equipment, and weapons all came from the exciting chest opening. Let’s find out if you are the chosen one!
2. RPG Adventure Battles. Defeat powerful enemies and complete endless chapters to get various rewards.
MVP Arena for Top Players! Players with Lv.100 and above will fight in special MVP Arena and find out the champion!
3. Territory Battle. Fight and defeat enemies in the different 【Territory】and collect more resources to improve your strength
4. RPG Progression & Strategy. Set your character growth strategy by improving different character attributes through equipment, mounts, and companions.
5. Idle Auto-Battle. The character will automatically battle whether in adventure or PVP combat.
6. Endless Fun Games in the future. Ninja Cat – Idle Arena will open dungeon mode, social mode, and union mode in the future to make the game more interesting.

If you enjoy idle clicker, level-up games, action RPGs, and role-playing games, then don’t miss out on Ninja Cat – Idle Arena, one of the most epic games available for free. Enjoy the thrilling idle adventure!

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1. Unlock New Fishing Area, join a wonderful Fishing Week! Take your fishing rod to the romantic Xingmian Beach. More beautiful fish species are waiting for you to catch, and a bunch of fishing orders are waiting for you to complete!
2. Bugs fixed

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