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Last updated: 24 Nov 2023

Test your brain in this logic puzzle game. Many different levels with a variety of tasks will test your attentiveness, intellect, and cleverness. If you are not afraid of difficulties and obstacles then you will definitely like these thinking games. These games will be great for developing your mental skills and having fun while taking your mind off stress.
If you’ve played A little to the left, you’ll definitely like this game.

Each level is like a separate mini-game test which is not similar to the previous one. You will have to find patterns and logical connections to pass on.

This game is ideal for perfectionists because on some levels there will be tasks to sort things in the correct order or with a certain sequence. Sorting blocks, sorting by color, thickness, or shape. A little to the left and you have passed the level. Details play an important role here.
We are constantly working on new levels, but already now you can solve problems with:
– sorting bottles, stickers or spoons, pens, and other items
– positioning the bulbs correctly
– put together a drawing.
– align a tower of floppy disks.
And many other quests.

If you’ve been looking for logical games for adults in which you really have to think, you’ll love it. In it, you will become a real match master.
Develop your mental skills and have fun while taking your mind off stress

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Black screen mystery is finally solved!
Puzzle Pack: Dive into 10 thrilling, brain-teasing levels that will challenge your wits and keep you entertained for hours.
Update now and prove your puzzle-solving skills!

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