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Last updated: 21 Nov 2023

Where did all the time go?
Sometimes, we just need to plan our days to make better use of time. Sometimes we just need our days to be more….
PomoFocus is an app for people who need to organize their lives or just like to know what’s next. Calendars and to-do lists are great, but sometimes we just need to sort everything out and prepare ourselves for the day’s work. PomoFocus helps us do this more easily than ever before, ensuring that every task and event is sorted together, ready and waiting to be executed. All that’s left to do is divide the day ahead and tick off the task as you go. A lot of negative things in life and learning come from “feeling out of control”, and a done list is to help you recover this sense of control, make you more confident and purposeful. Even in the case of procrastination, counting small achievements every day, you will find that the original “bad state” can also be very “productive”.

At the heart of PomoFocus is a visual daily planner, and it’s the app you’ve been looking for. Whether you want to avoid distractions by planning your day ahead of time, or you need an at-a-glance schedule to avoid worrying and missing out, PomoFocus can help you – and in a visually pleasing way. With just a few taps, you can type in your first task, decide when to complete it, and then continue with the task at hand.

Download PomoFocus today and enjoy the following features.

– Easy to use: Accommodate all the little things you need to do today.
– Project management: PomoFocus can help you plan and track your time investment. It can help you track “how many minutes to practice the piano”, “how many minutes to memorize words”, “how many minutes to read”, “how many minutes to exercise” and other skills that need to be accumulated over time. Special daily reminders, event countdown timer, support for years of time planning. To help you grow. The ordinary version can build one Top projects, and the professional version can build unlimited Top projects. *
Import calendar events: Make sure you always know what’s scheduled for the future. The Pro version allows you to import tasks into your iPhone calendar. *
– Covey quadrants view.
– Historical data analysis: PomoFocus has complete historical data analysis capabilities to help users understand their work and study efficiency, discover their highlight moments, so that they can better plan and goal.
– Support for Apple alerts: Automatically import tasks * on iPhone and iPad
– iCloud Sync: All devices are always on the same interface. *
– Notifications: Never miss a task again. *
– Repetitive tasks: Only need to be set once, and do not work again until it expires again. *
– Remarks and subtasks: Make it easier to break tasks into smaller chunks while retaining supplementary information.
– Use the SF Symbols icon to personalize your quests.
– Customization includes app colors and ICONS to make sure everything fits your theme style.
– Home screen widget: Your task at a glance.
– There’s more!

PomoFocus is free to use, the regular version basically meets the needs of 80% of the population, and the above features marked with an asterisk (*) require a professional version (optional subscription).

##Automatic renewal service statement Payment: after the user confirms the purchase and makes payment, it is credited to the iTunes account; Cancel renewal: if you need to cancel renewal, please manually turn off the automatic renewal function in iTunes / Apple ID setting management 24 hours before the expiration of the current subscription cycle. If you cancel within 24 hours before the expiration, the subscription fee will be charged; Renewal: Apple’s iTunes account will be deducted within 24 hours before its expiration. After the deduction is successful, the subscription cycle will be postponed for one subscription cycle.
##Contact us: [email protected]
Privacy Policy : http://www.jscz3w.com/ys_app.html
Terms of Use (EULA):http://www.jscz3w.com/JSCZ3WEUVL.html


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Welcome to PomoFocus! In order to provide you with a more ideal experience, we will update the app in the App Store. Every application update includes improvements in speed and stability, and sometimes new features are introduced. Please keep the application up to date. Thank you for your support, we have been making progress! Enjoy it!
Recent major updates: Time project planning management; The ToDo interactive widget has been launched, with a perfect combination of tomato clock and to-do, allowing you to not only focus on the present, but also look forward to a better future.

PomoFocus 1.5.0 version update:
1. I have redrawn some cartoon characters, making the new ones a bit cuter;
2. Optimize performance.

Thank you to all users, thank you very much! Everyone, come on!

The main features of the retained professional version are:

0. Customization of timeline view elements;
1. iCloud backup function;
2. Create task templates;
3. Unlimited creation of projects;
4. Calendar and reminder synchronization;
5. Customized task message notification.

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