Rise of Chicks

Last updated: 27 Sep 2023

Embark on an egg-citing adventure in “The Rise of Chicks”! Are you ready to lead our mutant hero, a little chicken with a big dream, on a journey of vengeance and rebellion against humans? Get ready for a thrilling ride in this immersive idle strategy game!

In “The Rise of Chicks,” our protagonist, a cute little chicken, undergoes a life-changing mutation after exposure to a leaked bio-weapon from a human lab. With its beloved hen captured and destined for someone’s dinner table, our angry chicken is on a mission to defy the odds and take down the human oppressors.

This captivating idle strategy game offers a fresh twist on the popular “Rise of the Planet of Chicks” concept. You won’t be controlling the chicken’s every move, as it automatically battles enemies and devours corn, harnessing its essence to unlock incredible powers. Strategically allocate attributes and acquire various skills to challenge even fiercer foes as you progress.

Collect an array of skill cards to unleash devastating attacks and create powerful skill combinations that will help you soar past your previous records! The pursuit of breaking your own high score is a core aspect of the game, ensuring endless excitement and accomplishment.

In “The Rise of Chicks,” every decision matters, as different talent allocations lead to diverse power performances. Utilize the precious “Corn” within each battle to temporarily enhance your attributes, while defeating enemies rewards you with “Gold Bricks” to permanently boost your stats.

Prepare to rise through the ranks and prove your dominance as you compete with players worldwide in thrilling PvP battles. Can you claim the top spot and emerge victorious?

With its user-friendly interface and intuitive gameplay, “The Rise of Chicks” is easy to pick up and enjoy for gamers of all levels. So, spread your wings and join the adventure now!

Download the game and experience the joy of guiding our hero chicken on its path to freedom and justice! Let the battle against human oppressors begin!


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