Idle Vampire: Twilight School

Last updated: 16 Nov 2023

Rule the darkness with brightly dreaming, Twilight School rises to transform ordinary individuals into the vampires.

In this casual game, by manage your vampire school, you can not only making your students talented, but also earn wealth by nurturing them. With these earnings, you can expand and strengthen your school, ultimately establishing it across different continents.

To be a headmaster, you can set various courses, run a bar to enrich students’ lives, decorate your academy, battle with hunters, drive away werewolves, and stand your ground against the Holy Light. There are even more adventures waiting for you to explore…
What about help your students advance to become stronger.

As your campus grows, you’ll add more classrooms, teach various subjects, and enroll more students. The best part is, your school will keep running even when you’re not playing, allowing you to continue earning cash offline!

Idle Vampire sets itself apart from other games by combining simulators, puzzles, and hotel elements. With different gameplay experiences, you’ll unlock diverse ways to manage your school. The portrait mode ensures you can play wherever you are.

Transform into Vampires
Twilight school gives normal people a chance to become the strongest vampire

Easy to Earn Money
It’s simple to own gold and cash as long as your school is open, even when you are offline…To be a tycoon is not a dream.

Different Play Method
Each school will have different ways to earn money. You can choose to get profits from bar, shops or other ways…

Freely Decorate
Classroom decorations, dormitory beds, Room plants… Let’s choose the most suitable decorations for our school!

Various Courses
Mind Reading, Backtracking, Backwing…There will be a class that your students like.

Stylish Teachers
Beauty teacher Amelia, elegance teacher Kalisle, Wise teacher Luiz…Choose the right one for your vampires

Never Stop Advance
Middle, Senior, Superior vampire, each level-up will make your school stronger.

If you are interested in wolves, or fantasy stories, start now beginning your school with the profited idle income to do a makeover project and expand classrooms. This casual game awaits you to shine the glory of our Vampires!

Dear Lord/Lady, the current game version does not have a data storage function. If you uninstall the game, you will lose all your game progress. Please be cautious when making decisions.
We are currently working on account-related features. Thank you for your support.


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