Mậu Binh-Ace Poker Online

Last updated: 17 Dec 2023

Mậu Binh-Ace Poker Online is a new game with original design based on Mậu Binh game. The game is easy to understand and operate, and it is a very relaxing and casual game!
Mậu Binh-Ace Poker Online has three modes to choose from: one suit (including only hearts), two suits(including hearts and clubs) and four suits (including hearts, clubs , spades, diamonds).

In each game, 26 cards are displayed on the table, and every 13 cards form a pier: 3 cards in the first row of the head pier, 5 cards in the second row of the middle pier, and 5 cards in the third row of the tail pier, and they are arranged in the same way as in the Mậu Binh game.
During the game, you can only take cards from the table, you cannot put cards into the table.

Point Definitions
Ace is 1 point, 2 is 2 points…. …10 for 10 points, J for 11 points, Q for 12 points, K for 13 points.

Game Objectives
Remove 2-4 cards from the deck so that the total number of points of the removed cards equals to 20 points, then these cards will be automatically eliminated.
You can only choose to remove unlocked cards.
The game is won when all cards on the table have been removed and eliminated.

Mậu Binh-Ace Poker Online is simple to play, retaining the game characteristics of Mậu Binh, but also has the leisure and entertainment of poker games, and also increases the fun of players’ brain thinking through the well-designed gameplay, so it is a game that is really full of fun and exercises the mind.
Mậu Binh-Ace Poker Online, your strategy, your victory. Join us today and start an unforgettable game journey.


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