Devil Athena: Dark Olympus

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Last updated: 27 Jun 2024

Devil Athena: Dark Olympus, the top popular MMO that took Japan and Korea by storm, is coming! The curse of the Dark Abyss is spreading to the Parthenon! The temples of light are falling! Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, fell into the endless darkness. The corrupted goddess is now a devil who turned away from light and justice to become the harbinger of chaos and destruction.

[Explore the Devil’s Territory and explore ancient myths]
Created with next-gen UE5 engine with ultra-quality 4K graphics! You have the freedom to explore the open world of dark mythology. Enter the demon-infested temples and unveil the mysteries of the dark goddess. Establish a new order in the chaotic realm of the End World in an immersive adventure that exceeds your every fantasy!

[Switch between portrait and landscape modes in intense battles]
You can switch between portrait and landscape modes at any time for endless possibilities in all sorts of battles! Fight furious battles featuring a complete rehaul of combat mechanics! Enjoy never-seen-before combat at your fingertips as you conquer Dark Olympus with Devil Athena by your side!

[Hunt down Devil Souls and conquer powerful bosses]
Darkness has descended with a horde of devils! Raise your weapon against the demon dragons and challenge all sorts of raids! Achieve victory with your courage and wisdom, loot ultra rare gear, and dominate the world of darkness!

[Challenge the Peak of Devil against thousands of other players]
Gather your trusted friends and build powerful guilds! The game features a huge variety of PvP and PvE modes, as well as epic guild battles that involve tens of thousands of players! Fight for the greatest accolades and enjoy a thrilling adventure as you battle for the glory of your guild!

[Master the Power of Devils and enjoy the fruits of victory]
Grinding has never been easier with ultra fast-paced combat and health-friendly AFK! Enjoy super generous drop rates of extremely powerful gear! Master the Power of Devils to savor the fruits of victorious conquest!


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