Last updated: 24 Feb 2024

Join the ininal world developing day after day and take exclusive opportunities!

ininal, that introduced the prepaid card system in Turkey, offers innovative financial solutions to millions of users, from money transfer to invoice payments.

With ininal, You can do shopping easily and securely wherever a bank card is accepted. You spend as much as you deposit. You do not deal with debt and interest.

Join ininal now downloading the application, which is much faster and easier. Manage your budget and payments whenever and wherever you want. Take the opportunities in the ininal world full of advantages.

Create your account in seconds
After downloading the ininal application, you can create your account immediately with your mobile number and e-mail address. You can transfer money 24/7. You can view and list activities of your account and transaction details by date, time and type.

Get the ininal card from the stores or online
Without any contract or form, you can buy the ininal card from more than 15 thousand contracted sales points, especially Şok Market, D&R, Migros, Vatan Bilgisayar and Teknosa. You can also have the ininal card by ordering on Trendyol, Hepsiburada, n11, and the other contracted online shopping sites.

Deposit with various methods
You can instantly deposit money via EFT and remittance from your credit or bank card added to your ininal account. To deposit, you can also use ATMs and PttMatiks with the ininal card, or from more than 75,000 top-up points. You can find out the closest and convenient depositing points for you through the ininal application.

Withdraw cash anytime
You can withdraw cash 24/7 from ATMs or PttMatiks using the ininal card. You can check balance and activities of your account through the ininal application.

Transfer money 24/7
You can easily make money transfer transactions between your ininal accounts at all hours of the day and night like many transactions. You can send to the bank accounts both within working hours and out-of-hours. You can view all the transfer transactions carried out in the “Recent Transactions” section on the home page.

Shop anywhere
You can easily do all your shopping at home, abroad, in the store or on the internet with the ininal card, which is valid everywhere. Though you do not have the ininal card yet, you can safely make your payments expenses in pyhsical stores with ininal’s QR code technology, and online stores with your ininal account.

Pay invoice without leaving home
You can safely pay the invoices of more than 300 institutions for free. You can find all options of the invoices, from electricity to water, from natural gas to internet in the “Make Payment” section on the home page.

Take Advantage of Special Offers and Discounts
You can enjoy profitable shopping with advantages of special offers and discounts only on ininal. You can check the “Special Offers” section in the application for the deals and discounts.

Customer Service: 0850 311 77 01
E-Mail: [email protected]


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Hello ininal user,

We have made ininal even better for you. Are you ready for the new version?
In this version, we have made usability and performance enhancements to improve your ininal experience.
We have added a Quick Action menu to your application so you can quickly make your frequently used transactions with ininal
You can now swipe left on a transaction in the transaction history and repeat it.

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