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Last updated: 19 May 2023

*In the early stage, you can play anywhere, where the red spots are, and do 20 tasks. After level 20, you can exchange for level 20 artifact Seven Star armor. The equipment is strengthened to + 10, and the strengthened stone is not enough to buy in the store. It’s hard to buy (temporarily…).
*The blacksmith has new equipment. First, he makes a suit and new weapon. Then he goes to the field to catch a new mount. Then he goes to the copy to make a new soldier’s amulet.
*The most difficult way to pass is to lose loyalty points, unlock four white generals, and use knives, bows, swords, and guns respectively. You are not afraid that the new weapons you get will not work.
*When there are new tasks, simply clear them first, and the level will rise as they are being done. Sometimes they will get stuck in a relatively difficult task and improve their combat power before completing it. You can exchange VIP diamond, treasure, artifact and so on when you get task points.
*The blacksmith shop has new equipment. The materials are made one by one. Even if they are out of date, they can unlock the illustrated books and get diamond rewards. There is also a big gift bag for the illustrated books!
*If you can’t beat the senior generals, you should first abuse the junior generals, brush the materials, brush the equipment, brush the level, brush the alchemy, brush the treasure, brush the brush
*Gain more achievements to activate hidden titles and improve attributes after equipping
*General talent can be washed away by accumulating loyalty points. White general brush to attack + 100 is very useful
*Attributes are useful, see the combination of needs, brush experience on the experience, brush material on the drop
*Skills are bound to generals. When switching generals, you need to switch weapon types sometimes
*There are new mounts in the field. If you can fight well, brush them. If you catch them, you can directly improve the combat efficiency.
*When a new recruit copy appears, refresh the talisman quickly to increase the number of battles and reduce your number of clicks
Snail fighter games
Level 1-50 (whether you are a local tyrant or a non-r)
Follow the mission and do it to 50. Level 20 can be changed into 20 artifact clothes, or maze play, directly strengthen 10, can be used for a long time. Note: the weapon can be changed once at level 20, but it should be excellent. The upper limit should be high. If it is strengthened to 10, it can be properly refined (brushing the maze will drop the refining stone). Hidden God will drop, random God will drop, random drop, with the item drop rate.
Grade 50-70
Finally, it’s 50, and many of my friends have to ask. I can’t fight strange. What should I do. Level 50 to the wild will be a red horse, jade lion. Hit this thing to drop 50 helmets and clothes, helmets and clothes with reply, can resist strange. This equipment can use level 70. Similarly, at this stage, weapons should be excellent. If you can’t fight, you should change weapons. It’s better to strengthen them to 10.
After 70, there are several choices.
1. Volkswagen non-r player + non-v21
After rebirth, alchemy reaches level 20.
Brush a set of rosefinch, weapons, excellence, strong 10, rebirth, alchemy to 20, card level 20, brush task (why card level brush task? 1. You can exchange VIP experience, which is explained in detail in VIP. 2. Red crystal can be exchanged for mission points. Tianshu 25 needs 3000 red crystal = 6000 mission points). Two tasks…. Is it a lot.. One hour after rebirth, you can brush 600 task points. If you feel tired, you can brush 6000 points to exchange VIP, then you can upgrade. Pay attention, don’t change generals after rebirth, you can’t take weapons with you.. It’s a lot slower.


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