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Last updated: 13 Dec 2023

•●• Downloaded by over 1.5 Million Clashers! •●•
•●• The best bases, tips and strategies for Clash of Clans! •●•

“Such an amazing app! I just love it! If you’re wanting to get higher stars with your war attacks, or just trying to trophy push or just trying to make a good base… well it’s your lucky day! This a such a great app and easy to use. I use this day in day out to help with my COC knowledge! If you had to pay for it I would happily download this amazing app!” – 5 Star App Review.

Clash Fanatic is a fan-developed Clan War & Attack Strategy Guide that’s full of useful bases and content to help you and your Clan get more STARS, WINS & LOOT!

Copy HIGH QUALITY bases right into your village for EVERY Town Hall and Builder Hall. Learn the best attack strategies from Town Hall 5 all the way to Town Hall 15. These strategies include the latest Army Compositions (like GiWiPe, GoLaLoon, Penta LavaLoon) that the top Players and Clans are using to fill their War Log with wins! Swipe left and right through valuable Defense and Attack tips. Learn the Clash of Clans lingo. Determine when players were last on to cover their attacks. Find your next clan with Featured Clans. All presented in a VERY easy-to-use App interface.

• Clash Tips: Swipe through valuable Defense and Attack tips. The only thing you’ll be getting matched with are more wins!
• Base Layouts: Copy bases RIGHT into the game for EVERY Town Hall AND Builder Hall!
• Copy bases optimized for 2-stage defenses on Builder Base 2.0!
• Updated base links for EVERY Town Hall to include just 1 Barracks and Dark Barracks from the Town Hall 15 update!
• Attack Guide: From Town Hall 5 to 15, learn the most dominating attack strategies and Army compositions. Penta LavaLoon, HGHB, BoVaWi, Drag LaLoon, GoVaHo, Mass Dragon Hound, LavaLoonion, GiWi, and plenty more! All neatly organized by Town Hall.
• Super Troops: Learn attacks that utilize very powerful Super troops such as Titan Smash, Super Bowler Smash, Queen Charge LaLo and more!
• Last Seen: Determine the time a player was last playing Clash of Clans. If a Clan Mate is a no-show to Clan War, cover their attacks so you won’t miss out on easy Stars!
• Clash Terms: Communicate like a Clash legend! Learn the common Clash Terms such as Aggro, Breach, Feeder Clan, Kill Squad, Mirror, Surgical, Trigger Ring, War Weight, ZapQuake, and many more!
• Featured: Is your current Clan not cutting it anymore? Find successful Clans in the Featured section.
• 100% SAFE! Clash Fanatic App utilizes official features from the game to copy the bases and armies.

From Clash of Clans novices to veterans, Clash Fanatic has ALL of the EXCLUSIVE content you need to become more confident in your Raid and War attacks, and FULL of tips & maps to improve your overall attack & defense performance. Share with your Clan Mates to level up your Clan quicker with more War wins and more loot!

Comments and Feedback are welcome! Send them through the App’s settings screen.

Clash Fanatic is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Supercell and Supercell is not responsible for it. For more information see Supercell’s Fan Content Policy:
Clash of Clans and its logos are trademarks of Supercell.


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• Small bug fixes and UI improvements.

● Have you got some great bases and learned some strong attacks? Share Clash Fanatic with your clan members to help your clan get more wins!

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