Last updated: 27 Oct 2023

CHOP! DODGE! And SURVIVE! Release the power of your barbarian warriors NOW! Go Savage!
BarbarQ is a casual multiplayer, real-time battle arena/battle royale type of game where you and your friends compete to against each other in an arena to be the best. It is an addictive and innovative game style. It combines the unique aspect of any MOBA games and IO games, making it really an awesome game to play.
BarbarQ Arena-Classic(3v3v3): Defeat others and grab as more Mushrooms as you can! To be the Master Evil! The team with highest score when game is over get the victory!
Dark Adventure(Solo/Duo): Collect items from chests! Keep away from the fog! Get rid of the Evil Bear! Defeat your opponents! Who keep alive till the last minute will win!
Showdown(1v1): One-on-one battle! The one who kills the opponent by three times first will get victory!
Red Packet War(3v3v3): Grab as many as red packets! You can get it by defeat opponents or sneaking into their camp. The camp with most red packets when game ends will win!
The latest update:
BBQ Studio – Create your own fancy world
BBQ Studio is a built-in tool that allows the average gamers to tweak or fully customize a map of their own, with no mod or programming skills required. This is not a simple map editor, you can even edit the game modes as you want, it is a superb customization map editor with unlimited possibilities! Now, you can be a real game designer, to share your creativity and ideas to your friends!
Game Features:
1. Battle solo or co-op
2. Fascinate Battle Royale mode
3. Design your own map with the creative map editor BBQ Studio
4. Real-time 3v3v3, 2v2v2 team fight
5. Pet adventure and growth system
6. Global matchmaking and world ranks
7. Casual MOBA game with IO game elements
8. New player friendly controls
9. Constantly upcoming new contents
With the multiple game modes, broadcasting tool and the concept of BBQ studio, BarbarQ is more than just a game now, but a huge community of gamers across the world who love to share their joy and passion with others. To create new memories and expand friendships is our priority.
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