CPU Dasher Mobile Master Tools

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Last updated: 03 Oct 2023

CPU Dasher Master ! is a versatile assistant to view device information
Mainly divided into some sections
1, Equipment information
2, CPU information
3, Memory information
4, Battery information
5, Network information
6. Quick view of widgets
7. Widget skin customization
8. Common tools: heart rate test, network tool, noise test, make a decision, traffic statistics, screen test, etc.
This is the current App Store rare, you can easily view the device information, detailed parameters of the device to be aware of, jia driving safety.
The key is: the current frequency, memory details, detailed battery, network information is updated in real time. wow!

HealthKit: Step count and distance widgets, you need to authorize the App to obtain HealthKit data permission before displaying your step count and exercise distance data today.


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– Added night vision feature (Some devices without LiDAR Scanner do not support it)
– Increased size support for hardware information widget to display traffic statistics
– Adapted to iOS 17 system
– Fixed known issues
Note: After updating the app, negative screen widgets and others may fail to load or be lost. Restarting the device will restore them.

Recently, we have made the following updates:
– Added open tool Scheme URL, which can be viewed in the tool configuration page
– Brand new iOS 16 lock screen widget
– Support for iPhone 14 and iPad 2022 series
– Custom font support for home screen widgets
– Calendar widget now supports week number display toggle
– Added tile panel widget
– Added holiday adjustment prompts for calendar widget
– Added option for simulating transparent background for widgets
– Added new widgets for step count and more
– Router name display added to hardware information widget (requires granting widget location permission)
– Time and calendar widget now includes battery display toggle
– Home screen widgets now support skin configuration (old widgets are still usable, skin settings are independent for each widget)
– Optimized traffic statistics functionality (adding traffic widget on iOS 14 can improve accuracy)
– Added around ten downloadable fonts
– Noise testing now includes saving test results
– Improved accuracy of traffic statistics
– Added heart rate testing feature
If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to provide feedback through our feedback feature.

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