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Last updated: 02 Nov 2023

CPU-x is a tool that can query phone hardware and system information

Not the best, only better, not the most convenient, only more convenient
Special feature:
– Accurate CPU real-time frequency calculation, the algorithm occupies few system resources
– View system hardware information, operating system information
– View network and carrier support
– Real-time network speed and traffic, WiFi hotspot information
– See phone screen details
– View camera details
– Check memory and storage usage information
– More features to be discovered by you
The user experience is good, the interaction is simple and the functions are rich.
If you want to know more about your phone, download me!
If you want to know more about the details of various mobile phones, download me now!

It should be noted that if you select the health widget, they will need to read the steps, distance and calories data from your “health” APP in order to display the data of the day and the current month on the widget.

Finally, support iPhone15 series and iPad Air 5 model


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Productivity, Utilities


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It is recommended to open the app once after updating and then restart the system once to prevent widget abnormalities.
▸ Added RGB Pickup Lamp function.
▸ Daily details for data usage now support viewing usage within the plan.
▸ Adapted for iPhone 15 series.
▸ Improved user experience and stability.

Recent updates:
▸ Added data usage reset options for 3/7/14/28/30-day cycles.
▸ Added a floating view for CPU core utilization graphs.
▸ Added iOS 16 lock screen widget.
▸ Added floating window functionality.
▸ Optimized and added network categorization to hardware widgets.
▸ Added device temperature display.
▸ Daily data usage details can now be exported as CSV.
▸ Added a health widget.
▸ Dark background option for desktop widgets (two shades of black).
▸ Added brand new iOS 14 desktop widgets, while previous widgets remain available.
▸ Added ruler functionality.
▸ Network information now includes gateway and DNS.
▸ Professional widget now includes daily data usage display.
If you have any interesting ideas or suggestions, please feel free to let us know through the feedback feature in the app.

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