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Last updated: 09 Oct 2023

MoleCare is a self-management app for those wishing to take control of their skin health.
The primary goal of the app is to provide you with convenient and secure storage for photos of skin lesions that you wish to monitor.

Before we go into details of the app feature-set, we want to share some GREAT NEWS! MoleCare is available on the NHS Apps Library –

Learning more about skin health as well as performing regular skin self-exams are key activities that would help you look after your skin thoroughly and spot changes. MoleCare feature-set supports these activities. With MoleCare you can:

– Monitor and compare your moles
MoleCare allows to track moles as well as their characteristics i.e. bleeding, itching, crusting, multiple color, uneven, changed over the last 3 months, over a period of time and spot changes.

– Perform ABCDE Analysis
MoleCare allows you to compare individual moles in accordance with ABCDE analysis.

– Body Appreciation Program
• establish a health and easy to follow routine which enables to experience the benefits of skin self-examination in full,
• gradually become more aware of your skin and your body,
• do skin self-exams with pleasure,
• learn more about benefits of doing skin self-exams

– Insights
Insights view enables better visual control of your skin care progress.

– Podcasts
Meditation-alike podcasts will guide you through different parts of your skin and at the same will give you the opportunity to have these precious moments for yourself to be mindfully grateful for your unique body.

– Learn more about skin health
MoleCare supports a library of resources that can help you learn more about skin health and answers to intimate questions.

We will appreciate any feedback and reviews to know what is important for you. Thank you and take the right step today towards a healthier future tomorrow!!!

Dear users, please seek a doctor’s advice in addition to using this app and before making any medical decisions.


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Fixed bugs and some improvements including:
– notification there is no internet connection.
– notification if there is no access to your photo library

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