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Last updated: 13 Feb 2024

【Nimo TV for Streamer – One-click broadcast, interact with audiences】
Nimo official broadcast tool. Free to everyone. One click to start your game live. Everyone can be a streamer. Automatically record the games on your phone in real time and broadcast to the audience on Nimo TV. Enjoy sharing game experience with

Easy to broadcast
Anyone can be a streamer! One click to create your channel and share your unique gaming tips and findings with other game lovers! Just one steps, you can be a superstar!

Realtime and interactive
Share your game and interact with your audience in real time. As long as your performance is splendid enough, you can get cool gifts from your audience. Don’t forget they can become real money.

Want to have a try? DO NOT DELAY AND ACTION!
Just a click of “DOWNLOAD”, you will OWN THE WHOLE WORLD in your hand.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us via:
Customer Service Email: [email protected]

Our service may use the calculation results of facial data for facial beauty, special effect filters, stickers and other functions to achieve better facial image processing effect; During this time, we will not use the results of such operations for any other purpose, nor will we collect or upload your facial data to the server for recording purposes or otherwise.

Face Recognition
In order to ensure beauty or retouch effect using the algorithms , apart from utilizing metadata as mentioned above, we use face recognition technology to recognize faces in photos, videos and camera experiences.

We may detect and use facial marks to provide facial manipulation features. The facial information we collect cannot be used for identifying a specific person at all , and is used to provide the mentioned features only. When the user withdraws consent of camera permission or closes the application, the facial mapping information is discarded.

These information is not shared with any third parties. We will neither use the results for other purposes, nor upload data to our servers.

iOS face optimization processing effect. Our brocast service may use the calculation results of face image depth related information in the ARKit and TrueDepth application interfaces of iOS for beauty, special effect filters, stickers, intelligent assistants and other functions to achieve better face image processing results; During this period, we will neither use these calculation results for other purposes, nor collect your facial data or upload data to the server for the purpose of recording or in other ways.

This kind of information is the information that must be collected to provide this function. We will take strict encryption measures for this kind of information in the process of collection, transmission and storage in accordance with legal requirements to ensure the security of your information. We only provide image processing services, do not extract identification information, and will not be used for identification purposes.


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