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Last updated: 19 Dec 2023

Ready to use Photoshop on the iPad? If you have a qualifying subscription, just log in with your Adobe ID. If you don’t, try it with a 30-day free trial. Photoshop on the iPad opens the same files as Photoshop on your desktop (macOS or Windows) using cloud technology, so you can stay in sync across all your devices. Import your raw images directly into Photoshop, make nondestructive edits, and share for comments right within the app.

Photoshop on the iPad delivers core tools designed for Apple Pencil and touch. Get inspired and learn tips and tricks in our new inspiration gallery. Our guided tours and coach marks will help you get familiar with the UI, which has been designed for touch and the power of the Apple Pencil. Easily share with collaborators for commenting. We’re releasing new product features every month, so check out the “What’s new” page in the app to see what’s coming next, suggest features, and help us build the Photoshop experience you want.

Enhance images and adjust color tones with Curves. Remove unwanted elements with the Spot Healing Brush, Healing Brush, and Clone Stamp tools. Bring in your raw photos from your camera, iPhone 13 Pro (ProRaw), or Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, edit them with the power of Photoshop, and send them back to your Lightroom catalog. Use the Object Selection and Select Subject tools to make quick and detailed selections when you’re combining images and fine-tune them with the Refine Edge Brush. Convert layers into Smart Objects that you can transform in a nondestructive way.

Blur the lines and soften distinct edges with the Smudge tool, which simulates the effects of painting with a wet paintbrush. Smudge, mix, and blend to create an original masterpiece. The Sponge tool gives you full control to adjust the color saturation precisely where it’s needed. Intensify or remove color from selected areas in a single brushstroke.

Swipe, pinch, tap, scribble, slide — you’ll feel closer to your work than ever before, and with Apple Pencil, you have ultimate precision.

Work with your layer stack and toolbar tools just like on your desktop. With context-aware UI, only the core tools and panes are displayed, so you can focus on your canvas, not the clutter.

Create on your iPad with the Photoshop features you know and love, from retouching and compositing to spot healing and blend modes. Layers? They’re all here. Resolution? No difference. Your PSDs are exactly the same, whether you’re working on a desktop, laptop, or iPad.

It’s simple to keep your PSDs in sync across devices. Simplify reviews by sharing for comments right within Photoshop. Your documents are automatically saved to the cloud as you work and available on any device running Photoshop.

Supported by any device with iPadOS 14 and above.

Your use of this application is governed by the Adobe General Terms of Use and the Adobe Privacy Policy

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A bug fix has been added to address an issue that arose with the previous update.

We have some exciting updates in this month’s release.

– Generative Expand — powered by Adobe Firefly — is available on iPad. With this new functionality, you can now expand and resize the canvas using the Crop tool workflow. Using generative AI, Generative Expand fills the empty space with newly generated content that naturally blends with the existing image.

Have a great December and keep creating!

– The Photoshop Team

We have some exciting updates in this month’s update.

– You can now easily remove an entire object with the new Remove Tool. Just brush over the object and then it automatically fills in the background while preserving the integrity of objects and depth in complex and varied backgrounds.

We hope you enjoy these updates and continue having fun and creating with Photoshop!

– The Photoshop Team

We have some exciting updates in this month’s update.

– You can now modify Generative Fill layers previously created on Photoshop desktop or on the web by selecting the layer, opening the layer properties, and navigating to the Generative section.

– Import your Lightroom photos directly into Photoshop on the iPad from both the home screen or using the Place Tool in the Editor and selecting Lr Photos.

– The new look of the Color Picker makes it easier to sample colors and apply adjustments. You can also save your custom colors by using swatches.

And we have also fixed bugs and improved app performance to ensure that you continue to enjoy a great experience on Photoshop.

Have a great September and keep creating.

– The Photoshop Team

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