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Last updated: 03 Oct 2023

Call of Duty®: Mobile new update creeps out of the grave!

Season 9: Graveyard Shift! Fear the unknown that goes bump in the night in the returning Halloween Themed Maps! Experience the new MP mode, Patrol, for gut-wrenching mobile capture point gameplay! Dominate the competition with the Mythic CX-9 – Lethal Hollow in the Hollow Flight Draw! Put a hex on your foes with the Epic Witch Doctor – Lethal Cure and their Epic Kilo Bolt-Action – Rex Mortem in the Season 9 Premium Battle Pass!

Spine-chilling content with a dash of blood-boiling action, Perfect for a season of nightmares!

[New SMG: CX-9]
An easy-to-control lightweight SMG with a high fire-rate and close-range damage.

[Returning Halloween Themed Maps]
Haunted Hacienda and Standoff are back from the other side!

[New MP Mode: Patrol]
A mobile capture point that moves along a predetermined route on the map. Both teams must fight for it and the first team to reach the target secures victory. Join forces with your teammates and dive into this exhilarating experience!

[New Attachment: HS0408 – Thunder Rounds]
All the shrapnel are gathered together and fired while ADS’ing, and will explode and scatter after a certain distance. Proper use can greatly extend its effective combat distance.

[Perk Revision]
Launcher Plus is now called Fire Support, it increases the ammo of all Launchers by 2. When destroying an enemy Scorestreak with a Launcher, players will have a 40% chance to obtain the enemy Scorestreak.


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1. Undead Siege is back! Soldiers who love the Zombie Modes can look forward to more gruesome gameplay!
2. The all-new “CX-9” SMG weapon is ready for action! The high rate of fire and deadly melee damage will be a nightmare on the battlefield.
3. The new mobile capture point mode “Patrol” will be launched soon! Teamwork is essential for victory. Work with your teammates to achieve overwhelming victory.

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