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Last updated: 20 Dec 2023

Recipes – Kids (Offline Recipes Book) – Weaning, Toddler, Kids, Meals, Kids Lunchbox, Healthy Kids and Family Camping Recipes.

Many people give solid food to infants even when the baby is still less than four months old. Whereas solid food should be started when the baby has reached the age of six months. In middle age and older, serve as complementary food or called solids. Easy Recipes for Kids & Healthy Recipe for Family

Affection to the baby one of them is giving food to infants, should give the baby food menu with dishes themselves are much better and nutritious and nourishing than buying instant baby food or fast food, apart from the elimination of chemicals such as preservatives, coloring. If you make your own minimal a mother knows exactly material used. Easy Recipes for Kids & Healthy Recipe for Family

Recipes Baby & Children 6 Months-3 Years is a collection of various recipes and food for infants and children from 6 months to 3 years. Mothers can be creative in presenting dishes and food for children that are not easily bored.

Applications need Recipes Baby & Children 6 months-3 years does not require an internet connection so the mothers can use it anywhere and anytime.

Easy Recipes for Kids & Healthy Recipe for Family

Features Applications Baby & Children’s Recipes:

– Does not require an internet connection (offline).
– Mark as Favorite
– Prescription diet of infants aged 6-9 months
– baby food recipes ages 10-12 months
– baby food recipes 1 year of age or older
– baby food recipes aged 2 years and older

Hopefully Application Recipes Baby & Children 6 Months-3 Years This can be beneficial for mothers to find a reference in making recipes for children. Thank you

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