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Last updated: 04 Nov 2023

Clip Studio Paint is the complete illustration, comic, and animation tool used by over 25 million professional and hobby artists worldwide¹. Get up to 3 months free! Or get one hour free every day on your iPhone.* To keep drawing beyond the 1-hour daily limit, purchase a plan (details below).

●Draw as you please with Clip Studio Paint
Over 50,000 free and premium brushes by creators worldwide
Use Liquify to tweak your art after the fact
Pose 3D models to help you draw people, animals, and objects at tricky angles
Includes a customizable head model and a hand scanner that allows you to capture the shape of your hand in real-time
Shading Assist helps you add shadows with one tap
Draw, animate, add sound, create comics, and more!

● Supporting your growth as an artist
Free courses on the official Clip Studio Paint website & YouTube channel
Thousands of user Tips available on our site
Download over 160,000 materials by community members
Share your work easily on social media – record a timelapse of your process

Brushes that go beyond:
・Default pencils, pens, markers, pastels, watercolor, ink, oil brushes, and more
・Customize brush texture, shape, dual brush setting, edge, spray effect, and more
・Thousands of brushes made by creators to download
・Import your favorite ABR Photoshop brushes
・Make line art like a pro with Line Stabilization
・Use your fingers to adjust the line thickness and shape

Limitless layers:
・Create up to 10,000 layers
・Set reference layers to fill effectively
・Create layer masks to control your effects
・28 different layer effects built in
・Create vector layers for vector drawing
・Align and distribute multiple selected objects at once

Color smart:
・Lay down flat colors with smart fill tool
・Instantly color with the automatic AI colorizer
・Use the Sub View to import images and sample the colors
・Gradient maps offer greater control over your colors

Comic, manga, webtoon tools:
・Create speech bubbles, frames, and action lines with a single tap
・Comic/webtoon templates
・Preview your webtoon on your smartphone before you publish
・Manage multi-page works
・Collaborate with a team in the same project file
・Explore a range of comic fonts
・Countless screentones available

Full animation studio:
・Make anything from GIFs to full-length animations
・Add sound, camera movements, and more

Professional Tools:
・Import/Export PSD files
・Import 3D data to create backgrounds quickly
・Use rulers to make shapes, snap to perspective, draw symmetrical lines, and more
・Apply gradients to complex shapes instantly

Grade features
・FREE: 1 hour a day on iPhone
・PRO: All the features you need to create stunning illustrations & short animations
・EX: All the above + multi-page functionality for comic/manga artists and unlimited animation features
*You must have a Clip Studio account to purchase a plan

¹Research: Celsys

● Target Devices and Specifications
・Minimum free storage space: 2GB, 4GB recommended
・Recommended display size: 5.5″+

Please see the following for supported devices.

● In-app purchases
・Required to save the canvas and export it to various file formats outside of the daily free hour on iPhone.
・Required to unlock the daily usage restriction on iPhone.

Smartphone plan:
PRO: US$0.99 per month, 45% off for annual plan!
EX: US$2.49 per month, 43% off for annual plan!

Note: The smartphone plan does not offer pen pressure sensitivity.

Clip Studio Paint End User License Agreement


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– You can now show or hide messages warning you about memory usage.
– Fixed an issue where all parts were displayed regardless of the settings when loading 3D object materials created with Clip Studio Modeler.
– Even if Middle click in the Modifier Key Settings dialog is set to something other than None, you can now manipulate 3D layers when dragging while holding down the mouse wheel.

・You can choose to put an image as a watermark merged to your timelapse or image when using Studio Mode’s Export timelapse or Export (Single Layer).
・Clip Studio Assets recommended materials can be viewed and added directly from the app when in Simple Mode from the brushes palette.
・Hierarchical relationships can now be set between 3D materials in the Object list category of the Sub Tool Detail palette. You can move the position of the 3D material when set as a sub-object linked to the parent object.
・You now have more options to change the body shape of the 3D drawing figures.
・3D models placed on 3D layers can now be registered as 3D object materials.
・You can now import VRM format 3D files. VRM format versions 0.0 and 1.0 are supported.
・When selecting Edit menu > Change image resolution, you can now select Smart Smoothing as an Interpolation method.
・You can now view a list of the images registered in the Sub View palette.
・The Light Table section of Preferences has been renamed “Animation”. You can change settings of Animation cels and the Timeline palette in addition to existing settings.

・The issue in which Clip Studio format files (.clip) saved with version compatibility would not display layers in a folder if the folder was hidden when the file was saved has been fixed.

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