Chem Elements

Roberto Antonio Campusano Acosta
Last updated: 26 Nov 2023

The components of all matter — The Periodic Table of Elements of Chemistry

One of humanity’s greatest achievement is often taken for granted in modern times: The Table of Elements. It encloses the basic composition of everything imaginable in our world and the universe. It has evolved throughout the years, though the collective efforts of hundreds of scientist from many different nations, to a point where it is now one of the greatest human treasures.

It is the role of technology to preserve this treasure of humanity and make it readily accessible to all. And, it is quite a milestone of technology to make the table of elements common knowledge in today’s world. Introducing Chem Elements, the application that redesigned and modernized the Table of Elements for the new millennium

Here are some of advantages of the app:
• it uses large fonts to improve readability
• the information is simple to find
• vivid colors are used to identify the different sections
• the table of elements is divided into 3 sections to add focus
• elements of groups highlight with a button touch
• elements of periods highlight with a button touch

• element name
• element symbol
• element number
• atomic mass
• density
• melting point
• boiling point
• electronegativity Alfred-Rochow
• electronegativity Pauling
• percent mass of the earth’s core
• position mass of the earth’s mantle
• group
• period
• name of discoverer
• country of discovery
• year of discovery


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Thank you for choosing “Chem Elements” as your trusted color combination application. We are committed to enhancing your experience, and to achieve this, we regularly update our app on the App Store. These updates are aimed at boosting performance, introducing new features, and ensuring compliance with the latest App Store requirements.

What’s New in This Version:

Full iOS Compatibility: 

– This update ensures full compatibility with iOS versions ranging from 13.0 to the latest 17.0.
– Color Correction for Elements: We have improved color accuracy for a better experience.
– Soothing Background Melody: Our AppPreviews now feature a relaxing background melody from “Cinematic_Electro__BPM60.wav.”

Stay tuned for more exciting features on the horizon. “Chem Element” continues to evolve into a cutting-edge color combination tool, offering you a truly rewarding experience.

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