Last updated: 29 Jun 2023

OlduBil is a MasterCard licensed prepaid card and mobile application that allows you to perform many financial transactions quickly and easily. Even if you don’t have a bank account, you can shop online and in all workplaces with OlduBil. You can quickly and easily pay your utility bills for free and transfer money 24/7. There are no expenses such as account maintenance fees at OlduBil. With OlduBil, you can withdraw the money in your account whenever you want via banks and PTT ATMs in Turkey. Download the app now to take advantage of OlduBil’s special discounts and cashback benefits!
OlduBil Application and Advantages of OlduBil Card
– Quick and easy account creation.
– Owning a virtual card as soon as you download the application.
– The advantage of getting more discounts and cashbacks on shopping.
– Easely sending and receiving money 24/7 even if you don’t have a bank account.
– Possibility of paying utility bills for free, even in installments.
– Possibility of sending and receiving money 24/7 with QR code.
Create Account in just 1 Minute
You can register to OlduBil in 1 minute with just your name, surname and phone number, and you can start using your virtual card right away.
OlduBil Virtual Card is with you as soon as you register the application!
With your Mastercard licensed prepaid virtual card, you can shop easily and safely online and at all workplaces. You can use your OlduBil card anywhere in the world where Mastercard is valid. If you want, you can request a physical card from within the application or you can obtain your card from contracted sales points.
It’s Easy to Manage Your Account with OlduBil!
From the “My Wallet” tab in the application, you can track your card transactions 24/7 and manage your balance. It is also very easy to transfer money, deposit, pay bills and make QR transactions from this menu!
Earn More Discounts and Cashback on Your Shopping
With your OlduBil prepaid card, you can benefit from numerous advantages and discounts for both yourself and your family. You can get instant cashback with collaborations exclusive to OlduBil. You can track all your account transactions and your current balance from your app. With your OlduBil prepaid card, you can make shopping more advantageous and enjoyable.
Make Money Transfer 24/7 Even If You Don’t Have a Bank Account
With OlduBil, you don’t need a bank account to send and receive money 24/7. By entering the card or phone number of the OlduBil users you want to send money to in the application, you can send money 24/7 and take advantage of the fast and free money transfer.
Spend as much as You Deposit With Your OlduBil Prepaid Card
With your OlduBil prepaid card, you can deposit as much money as you want into your account. Thus, you have complete control of the money in your card.
Pay Bills From Wherever You Are
With OlduBil, you can pay your all utility bills instantly and safely for free, without waiting in queue, and you can even pay your bills in installments.
Easily Send Money to Your Child, Track Their Spending
With OlduBil, you can create a separate account for your child, easily send your child’s pocket money, track your expenses and prevent contact with money.
Make Your Payments With Your OlduBil Contectless Card Without Carrying Money
You can make all your payments with your OlduBil contactless card in a hygienic way.
Deposit and Withdraw Money From Anywhere
You can deposit money on your OlduBil card from your bank account, credit card, all banks and PTT ATMs, and withdraw the money in your account from ATMs.
Download the application, register quickly and easily to take advantage of all these advantages and more with OlduBil prepaid card.


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We keep improving OlduBil for you. What’s in this version?
• We have made adjustments regarding region phone codes.
• Useful performance and architecture improvements are made for a better customer experience and providing advantages.
We work every day to bring you a better OlduBil experience.

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