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Last updated: 10 Nov 2023

Finale is a fully-featured client with lots of advanced features, including support for easily scrobbling the music around you!

The app allows you to do many of the most common tasks you’d otherwise do on the website:
• See your recent scrobbles
• View your top tracks, artists, and albums over a certain period
• View your weekly charts
• Check your friends’ stats
• Search for and get details about albums, artists, and songs

The app also includes lots of advanced features:
• Beautiful home screen widgets for your stats and top artists, albums, and tracks
• Scrobbling from Apple Music (including automatic background scrobbling)
• Manual scrobbling
• Batch album scrobbling
• Shazam-like scrobbling: just tap a button, give the app a few seconds to listen through your phone’s microphone, and the song you’re listening to will be recognized for you to scrobble!
• Continuous Shazam-like scrobbling: continuously detect and automatically scrobble music playing around you with just one tap – great for listening to the radio or a record!
• Scrobbling from friends
• Generate beautiful collages of your top artists, albums, and tracks over various time periods
• Search and scrobble from Spotify’s database and your Apple Music library
• I’m Feeling Lucky: generate random tracks, artists, and albums from a user’s library in a certain period
• Sign in with Strava to see what songs you listened to during your workouts

Finale is, has been, and always will be 100% free, ad-free, and open source. You can find a link to the source code on the About screen. If you like the app, consider leaving a review.


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• Fixed an issue where the app would softlock when you change your username.
• Addressed error 9 (“Invalid session key”).
• You can now view your track scrobble history when your scrobbles are private (thanks fetzu on GitHub!)
• Some behind-the-scenes improvements. Want to know more? Check the GitHub link in Settings > About.

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