QYOU – Question Party

Michael Gorczynski
Last updated: 05 Nov 2023

Humanity’s largest, ever-growing library of questions that bring people together.

QYOU is designed to fill your life with more fun, friends, love and happiness.

• Ever feel like your social circle and romantic life isn’t what it could be?
• Ever feel like you don’t know what to talk about with your colleagues, friends or romantic interests?
• Ever been on a date or in a meeting and you just blank out, waiting for someone else to say something… ANYthing?

NEVER AGAIN, thanks to QYOU:

• Instantly boost your conversational skills
• Liven up road trips, ZOOM calls, dates and meetings
• Add fun, originality and excitement to your dating life
• Appreciate the good and wholesome things in your own life
• Strengthen the connections with your friends and loved ones

Created by a team of psychologists, a relationship counsellor and a stand-up comedian, the goal of this app is to enrich your life with joy, positivity, friendships and love. Through the power of asking these specific questions, you will experience many fun, awesome, and hilarious life moments.

QYOU has done WONDERS for people’s social lives. Discover how it can work miracles for yours as well.

Different categories for different social settings:

• Icebreakers: Casual, easy-going and funny topics for people of all ages
• Heartwarmers: Personal, meaningful and life-improving questions for yourself and the people close to your heart
• Firestarters: Spicy questions to heat up the moment with a special someone. A riot at 18+ parties, as well
• Custom Game: Combine several categories or go through your favorite questions

QYOU is the culmination of years of study, work, research and development. Countless hours of attending Harvard psychology courses, attending the world’s best TEDtalks, gaining the insights of world’s best dating coaches, combined with years of experience from the stand-up comedy circuit and the careful study of the interview techniques of the greatest podcasters of our time.

A lifetime of professional communicators’ wisdom and experience at your fingertips…

For the price of a cup of coffee.

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Today, we are proud to introduce the latest version of the app:
– New question database structure allowing us to add questions on the fly
– Hundreds of new, fresh questions added, all the time
– No more subscriptions – One-time payment for a LIFETIME of updates.

We are excited to share our hard work with you and power up your social life with YOU – QYOU, that is!

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