Beast Brawl

Baikun Interactive Pty Ltd
Last updated: 21 Oct 2023

Beast Brawl is a free-to-play mobile dungeon crawler where adventurers control Summoners and Beasts. Rotate between your Summoners, raise newly hatched Beasts, conquer every unique procedurally generated map, amass that loot mountain, and most importantly, stake your place in the global rankings!

The Brawl
Non-stop real-time action gameplay where position, team composition, and adaptability will make all the difference as players face off against hordes of monsters – a unique and disruptive feature to the genre.

Hatch them all!
Over 80 unique beasts and 250 unique skills to hatch and raise on launch.

15 unique environments to explore. Each adventure map is procedurally generated with their own monsters and environmental effects.

Cool Loot!
Five different gear qualities. Five different gear types. Fifteen levels to upgrade. Randomly generated stats and much more! No Beast will be the same.

End Game Content
The fun doesn’t stop when the adventure ends. The fun has only just begun with Strikes, Hunts, Clans, Co-op, Seasonal Events, and much more.

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Update October 16th

Energy System Removed
Maps no longer cost energy to play! Some daily limits have been tightened but can be reset by ads.

New Unique Gear Sets
15 new gear sets with all new bonuses
Only obtainable in Adventure mode, each map contains a unique set to collect
In addition, each Adventure boss will have a good chance of dropping existing Unique gear

Beast Egg Tiers Updated
Some beasts have been moved down to lower egg tiers, giving lower star eggs much more variety

Relic Gear Crafting Updated
All relic recipes increased to 5star, costs have been adjusted accordingly

Shard Costs added to Gear Upgrades
Minimal costs added for upgrading Green and Orange gear
Current rates:
1star: 1 shard per level
2star: 2 shards per level
3star: 4 shards per level
4star: 7 shards per level
5star: 10 shards per level

Inbox System and Rare Item Drops
Added a visual and sound effect for rare drops (Orange and Green)
If rare drops were failed to be picked up (due to death, or bad spawning), the items will now be collectable in a new inbox system

Balance Changes
Most instances of “Health Regeneration” has been replaced with “Healing Received”. There are a few special cases remaining which have been buffed.
Most instances of “Critical Defence” has been replaced with “Block Rate”.
New stat type “Block Rate”: % chance to ignore an instance of damage from all sources.
New stat type “Exp Rate”: % increased exp gain for beast with this stat.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug where some older accounts were stuck on login screen
Fixed a bug where Clans could not be opened
Fixed a bug where Spider Queen’s Eggs were invisible
Fixed a bug where Autoloot did not work on chest loot

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