Modern Warships: Naval Battles

Artstorm FZE
Last updated: 20 Feb 2024

Realistic PvP shooter with modern warships for mobile

Command your warship in epic online sea battles

The mightiest modern fighting ships are waiting for you! Fight with your friends in the realistic online action game Modern Warships. You’ll become the captain of a modern battleship. All game models are made strictly according to the drawings and look like real ships. The game has a wide range of weapons, including missiles, machine guns, rockets, and many more. And you’ll be able to pilot deck helicopters and fighter jets!

Key features

Online PvP battles. Prove your commanding skills in fierce naval battles with players from all over the world.
A full fleet. Choose your battleship from over 30 available models, made according to the drawings and real characteristics. Ships, submarines, carrier-based aircraft from different countries are at your command, each with its own distinctive gameplay.
You are in charge. Customize your warship with different weapons: missiles, guns, grenade launchers, and torpedo tubes – more than 200 weapon types wait for your command.
Beautiful and realistic. Top-notch graphics on AppStore with detailed ship models and effects – and optimized for a broad range of devices.
The fun doesn’t stop. Participate in weekly tournaments with in-game prizes.

Commander, show these rookies who’s the real sea wolf!


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1.88 GB


Action, Games, Simulation


App Store

In this Update:
CN Type 054B Frigate;
CAIC WZ-19E Helicopter;
J-35 Strike Fighter;
CH-901 Grenade launcher;
New Camoufalges and avatars;
Bug fixes and more!

In this Update:
Event Seas of Prey, Season 2! Join the hunt for treasures and new challenges;
Black Friday brings hot deals and huge sales to the store;
Battle Pass Vault now open – get your hands on rewards from previous seasons;
Bug fixes and more!

In this update:
Type 26 Frigate;
Su-35S Flanker-E Strike Fighter;
Pan Spatial Spyder Wing Drone;
MGM-140 NTACMS Missile;
New Camouflages: Late Fall, Theatrical Duality, A Vicious Game;
New Avatars:Trent Howley, Dmitry Berezov, Randall Wiley;
Bug fixes and more!

In this update:
RF Admiral Basisty destroyer;
F/A-18E/F Super Hornet Strike Fighter;
MH-47N Chinook Helicopter;
RPK-1 Vikhr rocket launcher;
New Camouflages;
New Avatars;
New items in-game store;
New rocket-torpedo mechanics;
New anti-torpedo consumable;
New Event “From the Deep”.

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