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Last updated: 25 Sep 2023

It is more than just a collection of high-scoring IELTS essays!

Developed for all IELTS writing learners, Essay King is equipped with a variety of convenient features, allowing users to read and listen to essays through a powerful audio player. The 12 notable functions are listed below:

1. Let users read essays freely and translate unknown words with just one tap to access the renowned Oxford Dictionary, users can save the words to the vocabulary list to learn later.
2. Play the essay audios with a beautiful and powerful player, which can slow down or speed up to train your listening, offer all playback modes (Repeat one, shuffle, fast forward and rewind..etc) just like a true music player!
3. Provide you with subtitles for every sentence in the audio. The subtitles are visible like Karaoke on the screen so that users can observe and learn words easily.
4. Audio can be played on the background, allowing you to freely use other apps while continue listening to Essay King without any interruption.
5. A handy and stunning media control bar to give you full control of the audio even when you switch to other apps.
5. A Sleep timer can let you decide the time to sleep and the app will turn the audio off automatically when you sleep
6. Download essay audio to read and listen offline, keep you learning even when your network connection is lost
7. Essays are sorted into different topics and types. You can add your preferred essays to the library tab and play the whole playlist.
8. Convenient search tab to explore the essay collections.
9. Provide you with daily selected essay and vocabulary, keep you always engaged.
10. The content is written by experienced writers and test-takers who have achieved IELTS 8.0. All essays have been thoroughly proofread and especially, they are unique! We say no to copying essays and will not tolerate plagiarism. We are proud to offer you completely newly-written content with our highest dedication to learning quality.
From now on, the content will be updated frequently as we aim to reach 1000 excellent essays.
11. Practice Writing yourself with Mock Test with timing
12. Learn words by swiping and playing with Flashcards.

Overall, these 12 excellent features make Essay King not just simply a bunch of essays. It will really boost your IELTS writing and entertain you while you are idle. Just sign in to our app, put on the headphones or enjoy writing!


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Welcome to Essay King Version 3.4
– Redesign the UI & create a better Onboarding experience for new users
– Overall performance is improved
We recommend you update to our latest version for improving the experience ^^

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