Cats & Soup

Last updated: 21 Dec 2023

Looking for a cute cat game?
Here is a peaceful animal forest where cats boil their delicious soup!
An idle relaxing cat game perfect for cat moms and dads

1. Cat Raising Game in Cartoon Illustration
There has never been a cat game like this one!
Each cat’s features are so distinct in cartoonish illustration, including Ragdoll, Norwegian forest cat, Birman, Himalayan, Maine Coon, Siberian, British Shorthair and more!
Meet the cats in the fairytale-like forest!

2. Interact With the Cut Cats
Dress cats with various costumes like hats, accessories, and clothes.
Take photos of your cute animals.
You can receive hearts by feeding them fishes caught from the mini-game!
Name your own cats just the way you like as well!

3. Relaxing ASMR Sound and BGM
Relieve your stress listening to the chilling sounds!
Prepare the ingredients and zoom into the cooking cats!
All the sounds from the animal restaurant can be heard~ Swish swish~ Blurp Blurp~
Set the BGM to the playlist you want.

4. Easy and Fast Animal Tycoon
Cats cook and collect resources once you go idle!
Play while you’re eating, riding the bus, or working~!
Obtain new recipes and facilities from collected resources.
It’s a perfect game for tycoon game and animal restaurant game lovers!

If you are one of these gamers, download the game now!

A cat lover wanting to raise cats
Cat moms and dads who wants more cats
Students or workers who need some rest right now
Those looking for cute animal games or cat games
ASMR lovers
Those looking for relaxing games, idle games or roleplay games
Those who can’t stop saying “Cats are cute!”
Those who can’t just walk past cats
Those into pocket camp games like Animal Crossing
Tycoon game experts with super fast clicking speed in restaurant games or food games

Everybody has cats but me……
Well, meet your own cats right now!

Let’s go and check on your cute fluffy mittens~


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Casual, Games, Simulation


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Christmas full of hope and joy~!
Purr-ticipate in the Christmas event and receive lovely costumes and furniture!
Since Milk has just arrived in the feline forest, let’s make a visit!

Already the last month of 2023~!
Participate in the last attendance event of 2023 and dress your cats in warm winter costumes before it gets too cold!
Also, send Baby Kitty to warm and cozy destinations and create unforgettable memories~!

A theme that gives you the scent of autumn has been added~!
Have fun playing the dice game and receive various items!
We have also added a new cat and vegetable friends, so let’s have some fun together!

Do you have a sweet tooth, hooman? We’ve got purrfectly delicious Apple Facility and Paw-some Piñata Facility waiting for you~ Come quickly to taste them right meow!
Oh, and don’t fur-get to collect lucky clovers to grab limited items at the Summer Valley Bingo Game event!

[2.12.0 Update]

– May Queen Attendance event added

– Limited-time packages added

– Other bug fixes and performance improvements made

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