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Last updated: 25 Oct 2023

Dragon Hunters:Heroes Legend is a MMORPG game with the style of island tribal
In the world of splendid forest on mystery land, player will become a young boy in tribal, who follows his father’s willing and adventure to reveal the prophecy of the Book of Loyat..

[Squad assemble!Defeat evil dragons!]
Dragons have appeared on the Star Island, which has fantastic landscape, cute pets and also evil dragons! Assemble your Dragoncide Squad, to fight against the evil dragons with warriors!

[Various monsters! Make your exclusive pledge!]
There are all kinds of cute pets on the Star Island, like Icy Bear, Fire Wyvern, Bluish Parrot… They are adorable or naughty or indifferent. They’ll suddenly come out and then sneak away when you are unaware. You have to carefully observe every corner of the land to find their traces!

[Super evolution! The strongest pet exclusively for you!]
Pets can be evoluted into many forms! Exclusive pet develop system which you can watch the growth of your pets! Work together to break through the limits of combat! Come and develop your strongest pet! .

[Training with instructor! Accompany you to grow!]
Real system of Mentor-Disciple. Training everyday so that you can feel the kindness from your master! Assign Mentor-Disciple missions and observe the growth of your apprentices. Also, you will be rewarded by finishing Mentor-Disciple missions, and hunt with your master, apprentice, friends and partners, to gain abundant profit! More surprise will drop!

[Various classes! Power awakens!]
There are strong warriors here to resist the damage for you in the front row, beautiful priests to protect you, sassy rangers for long-range damage, and mysterious assassins to attack the enemy! With a variety of class combinations, the battle will be easier and more fun!

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I. New Class Demon Envoy Launched
II. New Pet – Triceratops
III. All New Miniature Version
IV. New Mode – Guild League
V. Guild Salary System
VI. New System: Divine Realm Avatar
VII. New Mode: Divine Mystic Realm
VIII. Holy Relic System Upgrade
IX. Other Adjustments

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