World Empire

Eran Gindi
Last updated: 28 Feb 2024

World Empire is a turn based strategy game where you take control of one of 180 countries and strive to build an empire. Use diplomacy, war, and economic might to conquer your foes and become the supreme leader.

With a highly intelligent AI system and real-world economic and military conditions, World Empire offers endless replayability.

Game story
The year is 2027 and the world is in chaos.
The world markets collapse and with it world order. NATO and old alliances are no longer relevant while everyone is fighting for resources.

The United States newly-elected president decides to focus on home affairs focusing on the economy and rebuilding the country’s economy.
The United States starts pulling back its forces from around the world.

Europe with huge floods of refugees and weak Euro cannot affect global affairs while America is in crisis.
The world is left to deal with razing powers and tension become extremely high in east Europe, south China sea and Middle East…

A big uprising overthrew the existing government in your country.
As leader of the uprising you got unlimited authority in the country to lead and rebuild.
The parliament nominated you and your way to make the country into an empire.

As the new leader, your goal is to ultimately become the supreme leader.
Using everything from diplomacy to war, you must strive to build an empire, both economically and militarily superior to all others.
Are you ready to lead, Supreme Commander?
Select your country and start to play.

Game Features
* Turn-Based Strategy: Strategize, plan, and outmaneuver your rivals.
* Global Empire Building: Conquer nations, grow your economy, and build a mighty military.
* Real-World Conditions: Experience current world events and country statuses.
* Intelligent AI: Face challenging AI opponents.
* 40+ supported languages: Play in your preferred language.

The game offers a wide range of features, including access to global Weapons Suppliers, a Spy Center, a War Room, Diplomats, the United Nations, an Economy system, Technology, and World News Distribution (Economy, Relations, Spy, and War). All this is powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence.

Arm yourself with an arsenal of weaponry, including Mercenaries, Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs), Tanks, Artillery, Anti-Air Missiles, Helicopters, Fighter Jets, Ships, Submarines, Fighting Robots, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Aircraft Carriers, and Ballistic missiles.

Challenge friends and players worldwide with online multiplayer and local play options for up to 8 players. Each player manages their country and communicates through private messages.

VoiceOver users can enable accessibility mode by tapping three times with three fingers upon launching the game. Play with swipes and double-taps. (Please ensure TalkBack or any voice-over programs are closed before starting the game).

Take on the mission, Commander, and lead your chosen country to become the supreme empire. Best of luck from the iGindis Team!


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Dear players,
We are excited to announce a new update that added into the custom scenario: the option to place countries under the control of a target country.

What does this mean?
You can select a target country and designate up to 10 countries to be under the conquest of that nation. This will lead to updates in world relations, as well as changes in the status of countries such as civilian populations, land ownership, and more.

Can you create alliances?
Yes you can create up to 5 alliances and name them.

Can you update the countries relations?
Yes you can update up to 10 relations.

Can you save and load the scenario?
Yes you can name and save & load the scenario after creating it.

In addition to this feature, we have made several other improvements:
* Enhanced game UI, speed, and stability.
* Updated armies, relations, and economies of many countries based on real-world data.
* Fixed reported issues and continue to improve Artificial Intelligence.

We plan to add countless new diplomacy & spies & war options, technologies, resources…
Your support is important to us to continue developing.
Thank you,
iGindis Team

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