Dual Blader

Last updated: 03 Nov 2023

You are the Chosen One, destined to be the legend…
Be the light in a dark world and save humanity!
In the midst of chaos, a young girl awakens in the name of justice to write a legend.

Filled with rage at the loss of her mother to a dragon that attacked her village, a young girl trained for years to seek revenge.
Now, let’s turn this story of a girl on a journey to defeat the dragon’s master into a legend!
Strengthen and awaken your dual swords, bring along your pets, and conquer the dark tower as you write your own legend?

Survive countless battles and defeat the minions of the devil to save the dark world! Grow and become more powerful as you defeat monsters!
Prove your power by fighting other fighters in the dueling arena of this free RPG!

A simple, stylish, and fast-paced idle RPG that will give you a cool feeling of satisfaction.
2,000 Summon available right now!
You are the light of the world, so why not write your own story?

▶ Stylish and fast-paced idle RPG about raising
– Fast-paced, high freedom of animation! 4 levels of basic attack moves!
– Visual enjoyment and easy operation
– Changes in skills and motions Visual growth!

▶ Growth that revitalizes your efforts
– Battle through strategic settings with cute but powerful pets
– A rewarding game where you become as powerful as you play

▶ Show off and prove your strength!
– Slay a different dragon everyday!
– Crush other duelists in the dueling arena!
– Conquer the Dark Tower and get stronger equipment!

▶ Want some Gacha?
– Rich Rewards, Constant Item Supply
– Special commemorative coupons every month!

▶ Gorgeous transformation of a beautiful girl!
– Customize your favorite style with variety of costumes!
– There are 3 beautiful girls when you use your alter ego?
– Detailed motion! Natural motion!

Fb: https://www.facebook.com/dualbladerM/
Web: http://superbox.kr/dualbladerM/
Email: [email protected]


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Entertainment, Games, Role-Playing, Simulation


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