Hunter Ignition: Idle RPG

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Last updated: 17 Dec 2023

The balance of the world has collapsed, and the souls of the dead have filled the world.
Evil souls began to attack the living, and countless people were sacrificed.
Among those, the brave hunter who lost everything realized
that he is the only one who can stop those evil souls.
Now, in this moment of diablo reckoning, he begins the revenge.

Spirits, now it’s my turn to punish you!

◆ 24/7 idle & afk level-up system and infinite growth RPG!
the easiest idle and afk rpg, enjoy the endless soul growth both in online and offline!
No more suffering from boring farming RPG,
Just boost the fun of afk soul growth and clicker moments!
Optimized for minimal finger clicking and idle rpg play in this diablo moment.

◆ Conquer the afk dungeons with soul synergy strategy!
The joy of daily soul gifts, THE TREASURE CAVE.
Never let your guard down for a diablo battle moment in this clicker game, THE REFORGING ANVIL.
Release the curse with arrows of light! THE CURSED FORGE.
Rescue the possessed souls, EVIL SPIRIT DUNGEON.

◆ Comp your team cominations with 5 different soul classes!
Exciting soul encounters with charming comrades!
Feel the essence of idle & afk strategic RPG play through tactical soul combinations!
Experience more powerful but also the easiest idle battles
with soul combination synergy and Enjoy the afk clicker RPG moments!
Pave your brave way to soul victory with your own team combinations!

◆ Dominate the afk PvP with powerful soul team comp and clicker moments!
PvP winners will be featured on the login screen!
Attack the scarecrows and test the limits of your soul damages!
Experience various idle RPG play conditions in the League battles!

◆ Recommended for the clicker and idle & afk type of RPG lovers or enthusiast of diablo world
Those who enjoy pixel art idle RPG clicker games.
Players who love diablo-like RPG would love this game
while the idle & afk system of this game let you feel comfortable whether online or offline.
Those who enjoy collection and gacha-style soul clicker games.
The one who looking for auto-growth idle growing clicker games during their free time and diablo moments.
Fans of beautiful goddesses, heroes, and soul hunters.
Discover the ultimate idle soul collection, synthesis, enhancement, gacha, and dungeon AFK free nurturing game right now in this diablo moment!


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Games, Role-Playing, Simulation


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New potential growth system
New dungeon ‘Witch’s House’
Hunter Mabul (mini game)
Championship League Open (Season 1~Season 3)
Event Witch’s Shop Open

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