Lumina: Professional Camera

Salvatore Polito
Last updated: 02 Oct 2023

Main feautures:
– Manual Exposure controls for Shutter Speed and ISO
– Manual focus controls with focus peaking
– Macro Mode (on supported devices)
– Full 48MP shoot on supported models
– Settable Post Processing amount
– Grid
– RGB and Luma Histogram
– Timer
– RAW save format
– Bracketing Mode
– Selfie Mode
– Integrated Gallery with EXIF reader

Manual controls aids
Lumina provides some aids like Focus Peaking and Exposure Clipping Detection.

Enhanced RAW shoots
Our iPhones can take great raw shoot but auto settings generally prefers the lowest shutter speed at cost of iso. This is great when you request a JPEG or HEIC shoot, since it’s noise reduction algorithm is very effective but isn’t very good when you take an unedited RAW.
To improve noise ratio, Lumina will recalculate exposure to lower ISO value and keeping an acceptable slow shutter speed. Like other modes, also in RAW, Lumina analyzes hands and scene steadiness to calculate the maximum possible shutter speed value.

Bracketing Mode
Take a true bracket like on your DSLR camera. Lumina will keep ISO for every shoot!
You will get a 3 shoot bracket with a range form -3EV to +3EV. If possible ISO settings will be keeped to give a blend-friendly result.

Selfie Mode
Lumina can automatically detect when is a selfie scene and will enable Selfie Mode.
In Selfie Mode, Lumina will take a couple of shoots and select the best.
Lumina’s Selfie Mode uses Apple’s Vision api, that can valutate shoots based on face expression, open/closed eyes, people smiles and other euristics.


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– adding support for iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max
– adding 24mm, 35mm and 48mm zoom options on 14 Pro/Pro Max and 15 Pro/Pro Max
– adding a new 4×4 grid option (inside SET menu)
– adding the option to mirror front camera (inside SET menu)

– fixed a bug that causes wrong histogram representation

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