Space Survivor – Star Pioneer

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Last updated: 27 Sep 2023

It is a great adventure of human.

In 2044, the alien Zerg launched an attack on the solar system. Humans had no choice but to form a fleet to fight back…

As a survivor of the fleet, you shoulder the hope of mankind and start to build your own base step by step and develop fighter jets Beetles fight back against the Zerg.
Use the surrounding resources to build your own base·Unlock different buildings to expand your base.

Countless Zerg attacks, either win or dieDevelop a combat mecha to fight against Zerg· Further strengthen and transform the mecha to gain powerful power.

Clear one Zerg planet after another, finally destroy the enemy and win the war.

-Exquisite 3D model
-Exquisite game interface
-Delicate, smooth and fun game experience

Hope all survivors have fun on games, defeat Zergs swarm, win your glory!


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Adventure, Entertainment, Games, Role-Playing


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Release Notes:
The alliance system has been updated, now you can join an alliance and play with allies
Alliance BOSS: Challenge the alliance BOSS and get rich rewards
Alliance gift: After completing the main line level and purchasing a gift package, you can send a gift to all alliance members
Alliance Ranking: Continuously improve the combat effectiveness of yourself and alliance members, and improve your alliance ranking
Alliance store: complete alliance tasks every day, and you can buy rare items in the alliance store
·The combat power system is updated, you can improve your combat power through equipment and talents
·Optimized some known bugs

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