Light of Thel: New Era

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Last updated: 15 Oct 2023

Light of Thel: New Era introduces gorgeous battle graphics, a reformed comprehensive 3D battle interface, and rich new adventures to create a new experience. Relive the memories on a new journey with a fresh perspective that satisfies your adventurous soul! Join arms, and defend the Land of Thel once again!

[Relive Your Glories with an Enhanced Experience]
Greater graphic realism creates more beautiful combat special effects than ever before, bringing a new adventure that’s a sight to behold.

[Competitive 1v1 and Team Battles]
Show Your Strength and Conquer the Competition! Pick your battleground among Solo Arena, Guild War, 5v5 Team Battle, or 10v10 Brawl, and fight your opponents all the ways you want!

[Flaunt Your Fashionista Ego with Costume Mashups]
Unleash your imagination with the endless wardrobe options that await you! With over a hundred costumes at your fingertips, it’s time to discover your unique style. Who will you become today? A noble prince, a dashing hero, a charming diva, or a fashion icon? The choice is yours!

[Multiplayer Adventure with Endless Strategies]
Dive into the ultimate challenge with group dungeons that support up to 10 players. Brace yourself for thrilling, high-stakes battles that will challenge your teamwork to get the incredible rewards.

[Ring Your Wedding Bells and Celebrate Together]
Experience the extraordinary romance at the Wedding Square, where all players can join and bestow their blessings. Create an abundance of happiness and heartwarming memories with ease!

[Summon Spirits and Valiant Mercenaries]
Harness the power of Sprite and recruit Mercenaries from across the land, each with unique spells and abilities. Explore dungeons and fend off fierce monsters alongside your trusted allies!

[The Darkness Approaches and The Star warriors Awaken]
Feel the rush of gorgeous transformations and awakenings, unleashing awe-inspiring combat power to clash monsters and win PvP battles!
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