My Cruise

Last updated: 01 Apr 2024

This is a cruise ship that will sail around the world!
Here, you will sail away to exotic destinations and provide your passengers with an unforgettable holiday experience. From a few ordinary cabins to luxury cabins with everything you need, from dull passenger transport to well-equipped dream luxury cruise ships, from empty to crowded to a hard-to-get ticket, from scratch. Upgrade and perfect your cruise ship, choose your route and plan your trip carefully to maximise tourism revenue and become a monopoly in the industry.

Here, you will meet guests from all over the world, from different places, with different professions, hobbies and needs. Manage your crew, provide luxury services to make your guests feel comfortable and at ease, open their dream vacation, and boost your reputation.

Here, you need to solve challenging puzzles. Avoid dangerous obstacles like pirates and icebergs along the way. Don’t let them derail your Carnival.

Here, you can build and upgrade more than just the cabin. Entertainment items, dining and fun are naturally essential! Movie theatres, restaurants, juice bars, and most importantly, toilets! A wide variety of facilities are available, all up to your choice! Make your super big cruise ship an eye-opener for guests! It’s a fantasy mall at sea!

Whether you prefer a luxurious summer escape or an offline puzzle-solving challenge, this game has something for everyone. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, build your ultimate dream cruise ship and explore the high seas in style!


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