Adorimon: Arena of Ancient

Mai Duc
Last updated: 03 Mar 2024

Welcome to the magnificent world of Adorimon – a unique turn-based, strategy, collection, and nurturing game! Prepare to embark on a thrilling adventure as an Adorimaster and explore the enchanting land known as Adoria.

In Adorimon, you will assume the role of an Adorimaster, chosen to fulfill the desire of reviving all species. The game presents a vibrant storyline, showcasing the diversity and yearning for life of every creature and plant on Earth. You will discover and express yourself in this world through the collection, training, and battle with hundreds of unique species.

With 15 elements such as water, fire, earth, metal, poison, darkness, grass, spirit, fairy, warrior, electricity, bug, bird, ice, and dragon, the habitat of each creature will influence its strength. Utilize these strengths to build a formidable team and evolve your creatures to unlock their hidden potential.

Adorimon offers a wide range of species, each with its own distinct characteristics and personality. You can level them up, evolve them, learn dozens of special skills, and enhance their power. Notably, you can even summon ancient legendary creatures, harnessing their immense strength.

Engage in thrilling 1 vs 1 online PvP battles, challenging and proving your skills against Adorimasters worldwide. Additionally, experience the story mode with three regions and ten expansive areas to conquer. You can also test your might in the Tower Climbing mode, featuring 30 challenging floors.

Adorimon provides a competitive power ranking and an arena RANK leaderboard, allowing you to compete and strive to become the top player. Moreover, the VIP feature offers exclusive benefits for hardcore players.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the colorful, adventurous, and captivating world of Adorimon. Enjoy the journey of collecting, training, and battling to become a true Adorimaster. Step into the action and explore the Mystery World now!


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Get ready for a festive adventure in our latest update, Merry Pinelight!

New Content:
Explore the enchanting Holiday World!
Happinace, Berghemoth, Blizard are our newest characters!
Try the new mode – Christmas Gift Thief!
Customize your Adorimon with festive outfits.

Christmas Event:
Join the special Christmas event with daily missions and awesome rewards!

Technical Improvements:
Experience smoother gameplay with enhanced performance and bug fixes.

Feature Updates:
Monthly Duel Rankings: Compete for top rewards!
Share your best rolls and achievements on social media.

Happy Holidays and a fantastic New Year!
Adorimon Development Team

Major update:
– Noent event: Merry pinelight
– 4 new monster added
– UI UX Improvement
– Fix some bugs

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