Sipher Odyssey

Ather Labs Inc.
Last updated: 21 Mar 2024

Step into a sci-fi fantasy adventure in the world of Sipheria. Sipher Odyssey invites players into a matrix-like universe filled with vibrant animal characters. Experience the thrill of blasting through hordes of enemies with godlike abilities in an epic saga – designed in Tiktok-like short form for on-the-go action.

[Assemble Your Mighty Squad]

Embark on an epic journey through space in SIPHER Odyssey! Assemble an elite team or join forces with up to three players to take on the toughest challenges in the game. Shoot and slash colossal bosses and emerge victorious in your own unique way.

[Meet Unique Heroes]

Unleash the power of legendary heroes! Choose from iconic races such as INU, NEKO, and BURU, each with distinctive sub-races awakened by different traits. Immerse yourself in their captivating backstories as you wield unique weapons that grant diverse fighting styles.

Discover your favorite RPG role and level up your characters to become the ultimate hero!

[Engage in Action-Packed Combat]

Experience the adrenaline of a fast-paced combat system that leaves you at the edge of your seat! Obliterate foes with your unique hero’s stunning combos and powerful skills. Beware — a tiny mistake can lead to failure in the blink of an eye!

[Fight Daunting Dungeons]

From the outer space to the underground, get ready to shoot and slash through endless dungeons! Experience a story-rich role-playing game packed with epic quests, bosses, and battles within the never-before-seen fantasy world of Sipheria. Unlock new destinations, unleash forgotten memories and uncover the mystery behind the story.

[Every Clash is Exclusive]

“Never give up” on your journey in this roguelite RPG, where death is not the end. Embrace the challenge of roguelite gameplay with unlimited combinations of power-ups and skills. Every dungeon is randomly generated, bringing new surprises and obstacles on each expedition. Learn from your falls — Every dungeon is a new story, every quest is a new adventure.

[You Craft Your Power]

Craft nearly every item using the fantastic loot earned from dungeons and quests, including basic hand gloves as well as mythical guns and swords. Build an arsenal, train, and master the playstyles of a wide range of unique weapons available. Break your boundaries, and victory will always be within your reach.

Are you ready to fight for greatness along with INU, NEKO, and BURU? Join the battle today in SIPHER Odyssey and become a legend!

>>About the Developer

Ather Labs is a gaming and entertainment studio based in Vietnam that was born to embrace technology and build compelling gaming and entertainment experiences.

If you need assistance, please contact us via Facebook: or email: [email protected]


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All your equipped augments are activated right at the start! This mode now focus on dungeon augments to synergize with your already active augment deck. Explore ultimate combinations and discover new augment builds, unlocking true fast pace power fantasy we all want!

– Dungeon Difficulty Tuning: More casual and accesible to newcomers in the early game
– 1st Time Clear Rewards Boost: Clearing Normal Dungeons 1 to 5 for the first time now grants alot more rewards.
– Starter Pack Upgrades: Give more chips & Bytes to kickstart your adventure.
– Vessel Creation Easing: Reduced the Bytes requirement for creating Vessels
– Endless Ticket System Adjustment: Allow more sessions with decreased both the ticket capacity and the refill time.
– Energy System Adjustment: Increased refill time from 10 to 30 minutes.
– Smoother Player Skill Progression: Unlock Endless Mode at level 4 and step into the Arena at level 8
– Endless Checkpoint Rewards Revamp: Major rewards now await at every 5-level milestone in Endless Mode

And a lot of bug fixes & QoL improvements thanks to your feedback!

We are honored to extend to you an invitation to participate in the playtest of our Open Alpha version of the game.
As eager as we are to share this with you, we are equally keen to hear your thoughts, experiences, and feedback. These insights will be critical in refining the next iteration of game.
Thank you for being such an integral part of our journey and for your unwavering support.
We are filled with excitement and look forward to you stepping into the world of Sipher Odyssey!

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