Teak Browser: User Script

阳 刘
Last updated: 30 Sep 2023

Teak is simple and easy to use to bring you the best browsing experience.

• Support setting as system default browser.

• Support web page dark mode, support mark web page ads.

• Built-in various search engines, such as Baidu, Bing, Google, Yahoo, Brave, DuckDuckGo, neeva, Startpage, etc.

• User script support, compatible with Tampermonkey and Violentmonkey

• no push, no news, no ads, start in milliseconds

• minimalist homepage, support setting wallpaper

• the iphone version of the address bar supports up and down location settings

• easy pdf generation

• perfect support for long-press menu, convenient sharing, convenient downloading

• iCloud bookmark sync

• reading mode, immersive reading, more focused on the content

• view picture mode, batch save, share pictures

• built-in adblock plus to block ads

• tracking protection to protect your privacy

• multiple search engines to choose from

• built-in translation for hundreds of languages

• perfect for iOS 16

• perfect for iPadOS 16

• iPad perfectly supports multi-window, split-screen, and stage manager

other functions:

• video picture-in-picture

• privacy mode/incognito browsing

• customize immersive wallpapers

• scheduled refresh

• web page pull down to refresh

• in-page search: find text within a web page

• scan qr code with front and rear cameras

• recognize image qr codes and generate qr codes for links

• desktop/mobile site switching

• prevent direct jump to app store

• prevent automatic jumps to other apps

• print, create pdf

• url shortcut input, quickly open and copy url

privacy and security:

• teak will not upload your account password and any activity data

• no browsing history, cache and cookies are saved in incognito mode

• unlike some other browsers that synchronize bookmarks and other data in the developer database, the bookmarks and data synchronized by teak are saved in the icoud private database, and no one except you has access to it

if you have any questions before and after purchase, please contact us:

• email: [email protected]


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