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Last updated: 02 Oct 2023

Water 2050 is a 2D isometric city management game where players become the Mayor of the last surviving city in a world ravaged by environmental negligence. With heavily contaminated water, it´s up to players to implement real-world technologies and practices to reduce pollution and build a sustainable future. Facing challenges such as natural disasters, contaminated areas, and difficult choices, players get to travel through time to help shape a better tomorrow.

Developed in partnership with the Water Environment Federation, Water 2050 not only raises awareness about the critical issue of water pollution but also provides real-world information about technologies addressing the water crisis.

With stunning graphics, city-building mechanics, time travel mechanics, and special buildings to unlock, Water 2050 is both fun and educational. Don´t miss out on the chance to make a real difference and have a blast doing it!

Water 2050 – for a better tomorrow!

Key Features:
– Stunning 2D isometric graphics
– City building and resource management mechanics
– Time travel feature that allows players t manage the city in both the past and the future
– 14 real-world technologies to research and achieve water sustainability
– Special buildings to unlock such as a Stadium, Cemetery, Observatory, Space Rocket Launch Site, and more, each with unique events to resolve
– Natural disasters such as heat waves, smog, electric storms, droughts, blizzards, sandstorms, and more to test players’ ability to keep the city alive
– Dozens of events that require players to make impactful decisions for the city´s survival
– An informative and lighthearted approach to addressing a serious issue: preserving and cleaning our water


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Adventure, Education, Games, Simulation


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Bug fixes and general usability improvements such as requesting confirmation to delete saved game.

Added new languages to English, Portuguese and Spanish:
– French
– Italian
– German
– Russian

Coming soon: Japanese

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