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Last updated: 12 Oct 2023

The official original Universal widget has been updated to TopWidgets⁺, bringing you more efficient widgets and a variety of new and exclusive creative widgets. It’s a feature-rich desktop widget application that offers a variety of personalized editing options, so you can edit each widget with simple actions to make it fit your personalized needs and also supports custom colors, backgrounds and fonts to make your home screen more beautiful and unique Using TopWidgets⁺, you can easily create personalized mobile desktop, and DIY your own phone home screen without too many complicated steps.

X Panel – Displays real-time information about your device, making your desktop stand out.

Work Calendar – Record and express your mood every day and mark your emotional state. A must-have for working people.

Mood Check-In – Quickly record your current mood on the desktop and understand your emotional state.

Today – Clearly see the tasks that need to be completed today to avoid forgetting important things due to forgetfulness.

Quick Launch – Desktop shortcuts that can directly open the corresponding application or function, making it convenient and quick.

Pedometer – Helps you check your step report at any time, making it easy to track your daily steps.

Electronic Fish – Simulates the sound of a traditional wooden fish, making people feel comfortable and happy.

Privacy Statement

[HealthKit] – TopWidgets⁺ has access to HealthKit to sync health data to the app. When you record daily step data in TopWidgets⁺, we will obtain HealthKit data permissions to display exercise data in step-related widgets.

[Location Information] – When using the weather widget, we need to obtain location permissions to display the required information for the current widget.

[Photo Permissions] – When using widgets and adding background images, we need to obtain photo permissions to upload background images and save images to your phone.

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