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Linh Nguyen
Last updated: 07 May 2024

~ Learning Korean is no big deal with HeyKorea ~

HeyKorea – The Korean language learning app for beginners, ready to join you in conquering this fascinating language.

The app provides an incredibly effective way to learn Korean. It categorizes vocabulary, grammar, and sentence patterns by topic, helping you memorize them quickly and retain them longer.

* Tip for you: Spend 40 minutes learning vocabulary, basic grammar, and listening. Then, dedicate an additional 20 minutes to reviewing the entire lesson. On weekends, review the basic grammar and vocabulary you learned during the week and earn cool badges from HeyKorea!

All you need to do is spend 1 hour each day self-studying Korean with HeyKorea consistently for 2 months, and you will make remarkable progress.

ALL IN ONE – Just one app, including all the features you need to learn vocabulary and Korean grammar at home:

1. Korean vocabulary by topic:
– Learn vocabulary related to family, greetings, animals, plants, transportation, economy, and many other topics related to daily life.
– View illustrations with 3x memory retention capability.
– Support for learners:
+ Korean vocabulary for TOPIK exams
+ Common Korean vocabulary
+ Conversational Korean vocabulary
+ Korean vocabulary with images

2. Listening and Speaking Korean:
– Practice listening to Korean through dialogues and sentences on various topics.
– Practice pronunciation of Korean vocabulary, phrases, and sentences. Native-like pronunciation.
=> Learning Korean is not difficult when HeyKorea guides you step by step, creating a scientific and systematic learning environment.

3. Progress tracking and personalized learning suggestions:
– Learning path from basic to advanced levels. Built-in a branching tree model with 7-8 lessons per branch.
=> The higher you climb, the more challenging it becomes. Unlock the fast track if you want to progress quickly!
– Monitor weekly practice progress: accumulate practice points.

4. Earn prestigious badges upon completion of each lesson.
Don’t forget to create daily learning motivation to receive lovely badges and level up your Korean!

HeyKorea app is suitable for:

* Individuals who want to self-study Korean at home
* Individuals who want to expand their Korean vocabulary
* Individuals who want to rapidly learn listening, speaking, and writing in Korean
* Korean language learners preparing for the TOPIK exam
* Individuals who previously studied Korean but had ineffective learning experiences
* Learners who want to innovate their Korean learning methods.

Learning Korean through daily themed lessons not only helps you effectively learn Korean vocabulary but also familiarizes you with commonly used structures and grammar in daily life.

Persistence leads to success, and HeyKorea will remind you to study in the app every day, making it easy to establish a continuous and diligent learning habit for 2 months.

Korean is not difficult when you have HeyKorea
Connect with HeyKorea and together let’s conquer the Korean language!

HeyKorea always aims to deliver the best vocabulary and grammar learning app for Korean. However, mistakes are inevitable, and we appreciate receiving your feedback to improve the app further. Please send all your feedback to the email: [email protected].

* Find out more about our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy here: https://eupgroup.net/apps/heykorea/terms.html


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Thank you for using HeyKorea! We have fixed bugs and improved the app to make it even better.

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