White Wolf: Way of the Witcher

Nikita Poslanichenko
Last updated: 08 Nov 2023

It’s time to go through the way of the witcher from the very beginning and immerse yourself in a world full of dangers. To save the world from the forces of evil, you have to take orders for monsters that have escaped and complete quests. The world of Chaos is dangerous and unpredictable!

Fight the forces of evil and become a master of the Wolf, Bear or Griffon school. Study the magic Signs, collect resources, and upgrade your sword skills. Choose which school to join. Exciting adventures are waiting for you! Are you ready to become a true monster hunter and carry 2 swords on your back?

You start as a young witcher, from the moment he survived the transformation and became a mutant hunter of monsters and the forces of evil. To become a master, you have to fulfill orders for monsters, gain experience, complete tasks, save gold, buy equipment, silver weapons and potions.

Features of the game:

1. Quests and storyline. Take and complete a variety of tasks, like in a classic RPG, to earn a rating in the location and move on to the next map.

2. Open world. Explore new places to find rare items and fight monsters. The world is divided into many different locations, where in each you need to defeat the boss and pass the test.

3. Magic signs. Learn witchy magic to destroy enemies. With each level you will become stronger.

4. Bosses and monsters. Take orders for monsters and final bosses, get generous rewards for completed tasks. Gain a rating in cities and villages.

5. Skills and abilities. Learn new skills to become a master of weapons and fight the most dangerous monsters in the open world.

6. Weapons and armor. Collect rare items from killed enemies. Repair and upgrade weapons. Choose which school you want to wear weapons and armor.

7. The hero. Improve your character’s characteristics, just like in a classic RPG.

8. Wolf, Bear or Griffon schools. Choose which way to go, carry 2 swords on your back, be a heavy warrior with axes or a clever killer with a spear.

9. Rating. Compete with other people. Whoever killed the most monsters is the most deserved witcher.

10. Loot. Buy and sell loot collected in battles to earn gold and crystals.

11. Other.
– Colorful and pleasant graphics in the style of Low Poly 3D.
– A pleasant soundtrack that will immerse you in the world of dangers and monster hunting.
– Convenient operation and intuitive interface.
– Free offline 3D game.


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Action, Entertainment, Games, Role-Playing


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– The interface has been significantly improved.
– Big changes in the tutorial.
– Fixed many bugs and glitches.

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