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Last updated: 31 Oct 2023

Genki Studio turns your iPad into a portable monitor and advanced video capture and presentation device, connect your Genki ShadowCast or any compatible USB UVC input device, to start using your iPad as a portable monitor for your gaming console, PC, small board computer, or microscopes. Record the input at maximum quality and save the media file directly to your iPad. With external monitor support, your iPad can output full-screen content to another external display via AirPlay or USB-C to HDMI/DP cable while continuing recording to your iPad, or use mirror mode and Apple Pencil markup for a quick presentation.

Highlights of this app:
· Connect your Genki ShadowCast or any compatible USB UVC input device to your iPad.
· View the UVC input directly on your iPad.
· Capture images or videos with audio with maximum quality.
· Fully compatible with Stage Manager and Multitasking features of the iPad, enjoy music or play the video guide of your game while playing your game all on an iPad.
· Grid and Ratio Overlay for easy monitoring of professional cameras.
· Clean Video Output to display input on an external monitor with AirPlay or wired connection, while continue recording to your iPad at the same time.
· Mark Up with Apple Pencil support lets you scribble on the screen.
· Connecting to an external monitor and use Mark Up to enable Mirroring Mode, which turns your iPad into a potable noteboard perfect for any live events.

* Connecting to UVC devices requires a compatible model of iPad. Using this app requires additional UVC accessories, this app supports Genki ShadowCast, and any other USB UVC input device including capture cards, professional cameras, microscopes, or webcams that conform with UVC standards. Appropriate USB-C adapters, docks, or hubs may be required for some devices or configurations. Multitasking features require a compatible model of iPad. Using Clean Video Output with a wirelessly connected monitor requires AirPlay 2-enabled TVs, streaming boxes or sticks, or a compatible Mac with the latest macOS update installed; Also, using a non-Genki ShadowCast capture product will have a added Genki logo watermark on the Clean Video Output Image.

UVC input are supported on the following model of iPad:
· iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation and later)
· iPad Pro 11-inch (1st generation and later)
· iPad (10th generation)
· iPad Air (4th generation and later)
· iPad mini (6th generation)
We suggest you double-check if your iPad is supported before downloading this app or purchasing any additional accessories.

Multitasking features are supported on the following model of iPad:
· iPad Pro 12.9-inch (5th generation and later)
· iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd generation and later)
· iPad Air (5th generation)
This app will only function on other models of the iPad while it is in full screen, running another app in Split View, or running this app in Slide Over will result in losing the input.


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Thank you for using Genki Studio, this update includes enhancements on saving captured contents and app’s interfaces. Notable changes in this new version:
· Added feature to save captured content directly to the Files app, which can be helpful to move the media files to an external drive.
· Added feature to save captured image as TIFF uncompressed file, which provides much better quality but can take significant storage space.
· Added feature to allow switch to image mode to capture images while recording a video.
· Many user interface changes that also reduced system usages.
· Fixed a bug related to preview overlays and audio/brightness swipe controls sometime prevents tapping toolbar buttons.
· Fixed a bug related to captured video failed to save that caused app crash.

Learn more about the latest Genki product updates! Visit our website or follow us @genkithings on your social media platform for more information. If you have any questions or feedback about using the Genki Studio app, send us an email at [email protected]! We hope you enjoy using the Genki Studio app.

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