Marius Herzog
Last updated: 01 Mar 2024

Did it ever happen to you, after taking a break from one of your miniature/army painting projects that you couldn’t get a hold of the right painting order? What kind of mixtures did you create to paint that cool metal blade? What kind of inks did you use and in which order? Was it the „late summer green 123“ or „autumngras 345“ flock for the bases?

With PaintMyMinis you can keep track of all these questions and keep it for future projects and expansions. It provides your tabletop army/miniature painting with consistency throughout the whole painting process. Never lose sight again of your painting order, the thereby used colors and bookmark your painting status at every mini in progress.


“Fantastic iPhone app to keep track of the mixes and color recipes used in your minis.” – Karaikal Painting Studio (Multi Golden Demon Winner)

“The perfect app for recording your color choice.” – Studio Akaranseth (Multi Golden Demon Winner)

” (…) Well, PaintMyMinis is that (note)book, except that it resides on your iPhone, and it becomes your notebook on steroids, with some serious awesomesauce thrown in.” – Bill’s Raving Rant


Key features:
– Plan your project color scheme with the integrated colorwheel* (optionally with auto color harmony)
– Keep track of all your painting techniques, paint mixtures and ratios
– Share your materials and techniques with your friends and the world
– Keep track of your colors* and add them to an integrated shopping list
– One app, all your projects, all your minis, custom materials that can be shared by your minis
– Bookmarks and percentile painting process for each mini
– For your convenience the Vallejo (Game Color, Model Color and Model Air)*, new and old Games Workshop Citadel* paint line, Badger Minitaire*, The Army Painter*, Scale75*, Coat d’arms*, Wargames Foundry*, PrivateerPress Formula P3* and the Reaper Master Series* paint ranges are available for download!

*The color representation does not reflect real pigmented colors and is only a simulation. Be sure to test your colors and color schemes in reality before applying them to your project and decide if you like them. The colors in this app can only act as a rough guide for your real color choice.
*All data seen in these screenshots is only for illustration purposes. The data has to be provided by the user himself.
*All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.
*Miniatures on screenshots by Corvus Belli


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* Project overview has been revised, sorting and filtering extended and improved
* Images can now be viewed and enlarged in fullscreen
* Minor bug fixes and improvements

Your opinion is important! For suggestions and comments on the app, join the PaintMyMinis Discord channel!

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