The Bible Unmasked

Andrew Offield
Last updated: 15 Dec 2023

• Over a thousand unusual, confronting and funny quotes from the Bible and from well known religious skeptics
• See any quote in 3D Augmented Reality. Add 3D AR emojis, and interact with any AR object
• Send your favourite quotes (with emojis) as an AR text message to anyone with an iPhone or iPad!
• Sending and receiving AR messages is free! And AR Message recipients do *not* need to have the app.
• Every quote has a link to it’s chapter and verse in the full text of its book in the Bible
• MemeMaker: Create and share your own biblical and skeptical photo memes
• An important educational resource for agnostics, atheists and Christians

How well do you know the Bible? If your only exposure to biblical texts is the scripture reading in your church on a Sunday morning you may be surprised at what else can be found buried deep within its pages.

Here, presented in a fun and attractive interface, are several hundred unusual, humorous and often confronting quotations taken straight from the pages of the King James Version. The quotes can be filtered by testament, by book of the Bible and by subject tags, or searched by keyword.

Also included are hundreds more quotes from a wide range of well known historical and contemporary religious skeptics and atheists, including prominent politicians, philosophers, authors and celebrities.

Each quote is linked to its chapter and verse in the full text of its source book in the Bible, or, for skeptics, a link to their biography.

View, and interact with, any quote in 3D Augmented Reality! Choose from a range of text fonts, colours and textures. Add AR emojis.
Share photos and videos of the AR quotes in your real-world environment.

You can also send the quotes as AR text messages to any iPhone or iPad user, including AR emojis.
Send unlimited AR messages for free! Recipients do *not* need to have the app.

Download photos (or use your own) and overlay any quote to create and customise your own Shakespeare photo memes.
Apply color effects and textures, and change text properties to create unique, personalized and evocative images.

You can also choose to have a random daily quote pop up in your notifications.

There are no subscriptions or in-app purchases! So once you’ve bought the app you can use all its features on all of your iPhones and iPads, with no additional hidden costs.

Whether you’re a committed atheist, a wavering agnostic, or devoutly religious you will benefit from a deeper knowledge of these lesser known and more unusual or controversial biblical stories.


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