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Last updated: 01 Oct 2023

Medication reminder is designed by a physician to help alert patients to take their medications on time and keep track of a timetable throughout the week while organizing the list of medication that will be handy when requested by a physician.


تم تصميم منظم الأدوية من قبل طبيب للمساعدة في تنبيه المرضى لأخذ أدويتهم في الوقت المحدد وتتبع الجدول الزمني على مدار الأسبوع أثناء تنظيم قائمة الأدوية التي ستكون في متناول اليد عند طلب الطبيب.

El recordatorio de medicamentos utilizado como organizador de tiempo y tratamiento está diseñado por un médico para ayudar a alertar a los pacientes para que tomen sus medicamentos a tiempo y realizar un seguimiento de un horario a lo largo de la semana mientras organiza la lista de medicamentos que será útil cuando lo solicite un médico.

Le rappel de médicaments utilisé comme organisateur de temps et de traitement est conçu par un médecin pour aider à alerter les patients de prendre leurs médicaments à temps et de suivre un emploi du temps tout au long de la semaine tout en organisant la liste des médicaments qui seront pratiques à la demande d’un médecin.

-Available for iPhone and iPad
-A local notification ( allowed by the user) is delivered with a sound and a text when a medication is due to alert the user to take it.
_ One page drug instruction setup according to the pharmacy label instruction specifying the dose and the time of the day to take the drug that is user friendly by choosing from the list of option with no need to type.
-It organizes medications list which can be updated deleted or modified according to the patient’s medication changing requirement.
-A built-in over 11000 commonly prescribed medication names for easier search that does not require server or internet can help assisting in typing long named medications.
-Manual drug name in a language other than English entry is also available
-IOS 15 and higher users can simply search medication by scanning the drug name.
-Scheduling is based on a standard medical management and will help to alert patient of a duplicate scripts or unusual scheduling .
-Conveniently allows user to mute certain medication on certain days or certain times to allow notification for only the critical ones
-Sets alerts for the entire week including medications that are not used everyday
-No ads
-No in-app purchase
-It does not collect user info
-Does not use the Calendar app 
-User will never get push notification from anyone
-It does not verify or confirm dosage or drug-drug interaction. Patient should consult with the pharmacy and the prescribing physician regarding the dosage and the schedule which is usually printed on the prescription bottle. The app does not suggest or recommend certain scheduling.

– 适用于 iPhone 和 iPad
– 当药物到期提醒用户服用时,本地通知(用户允许)通过声音和文本发送。
– 组织药物列表,可根据患者的换药要求进行更新删除或修改。
– 内置超过 11000 种常用处方药物名称,无需服务器或互联网即可轻松搜索,有助于输入长名称药物。
– 也可以使用英语以外的其他语言的手动药物名称
-IOS 15 及更高版本的用户可以通过扫描药物名称来简单地搜索药物。
– 方便地允许用户在特定日期或特定时间静音某些药物,以便仅通知关键药物
– 设置整周的警报,包括每天不使用的药物
– 没有应用内购买
– 它不收集用户信息
– 不使用日历应用
– 用户永远不会收到任何人的推送通知


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