Soul Knight

Zeyang Li
Last updated: 24 Oct 2023

“In a time of gun and sword, the magical stone that maintains the balance of the world is stolen by high-tech aliens. The world is hanging on a thin thread. It all depends on you retrieving the magical stone…”

We honestly can’t keep making it all up. Let’s just shoot some alien minions!

This is the shooter game that features extremely easy and intuitive control. Its super smooth and enjoyable gameplay, mixed with rogue-like elements, will get you hooked from the very first run!

* 20+ unique heroes—a rogue, an elf archer, a magician… There is always an option that goes perfectly with your playstyle.
* 400+ weapons—guns, swords and shovels… Numerous ways to nuke the pestering monsters from orbit!
* Randomly generated dungeons—dark forests populated by goblins, medieval chateaus infested with zombies… Raid on a profusion of monster dens to loot treasures and bump into different NPCs.
* Auto-aim mechanism for super intuitive control. Dodge, fire, cast skill—score super combos effortlessly with a few taps. Controller supported.
* Multiplayer mode available! Team up with friends around the world for an online co-op adventure, or get together with your gang for an offline multiplayer LAN game.
* Assorted game modes and features. Prefer brain over brawl? Work out strategy to hold out against constant attacks in the tower defense mode!

A pixel roguelike shoot’em up with offline option that combines action and survival. Pick up the gun and start your dungeon adventure!

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[New event]
Spooktacular Halloween will start at 2023-10-25 02:00 (UTC). Join the event to get:
-Skin fragments of Ghostie
-Pet Wayne
-Seeds, materials and candies

Added progress bar to some achievements in Soul Knight Handbook.
Transform! Slime King!’s upgrade in The Origin has less HP increase.
Quantum Ninja Stars gain less size increase from buffs.

[Bugs fixed]
Costume Prince:
-The damage taken was not displayed when in the Slime King form.
-The transformation would be ended when monster waves refreshed in The Origin.
-Skill glitched after teleporting outside the map
-The small slimes spawned upon being hit didn’t have increased explosion damage after the skill upgrade.
-Being invincible during some skills still takes damage.
-In co-op mode, Assassin’s Invisibility will reduce the duration of Rouge and Taoist’s skill invincibility.
-Some units revived by Necromancer’s Souls Resurrect might damage allies.
-With the Lone Wolf challenge, Elf’s guardian elf cannot move and attack.
-Special Forces’ skill glitched after entering a new level.
-Fist Bump could damage allies.
-Staff of Illusion’s clone sometimes failed to despawn in The Origin.
Visual effects:
-Skill-Focus Fire, skin-Sagittarius: the magic arrow’s size didn’t match the actual attack range.
-The shield of Paladin as the NPC didn’t match the skin.
-Engineer’s turret in the lobby didn’t change along with the skin.
-Getting stuck while changing the Garden Decor.
-Slow effect of poisonous areas didn’t work properly.
-Burn effect didn’t work properly on the characters.
-The buff that enhances elemental attack didn’t work in certain situations.
-First-time developing and carrying the armor mount into the dungeon caused it to be lost.
-Redeem Machine didn’t respond in certain situations.

[New Gift!]
Claim your gift from the mail: “Doodle Doo”, the new skin of Rogue.

[Bugs fixed]
Travelogue of Rosemary Island:
-Night Wanderer’s abnormal HP.
Berserker’s Free Style doesn’t take effect on Buddha’s Palm.
Iron Will Wavebreaker doesn’t appear normally.
Some of the buffs from Alchemist’s Concoction are missing.
No item drops after harvesting Pumpkins.
The game lags when checking Co-Op Log.

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